Moving on.  

rm_Chainman7 47M
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7/27/2006 9:22 am
Moving on.

Well I have had a sit down again with my wife and I've come to the conclusion that right now I need someone else to talk to. She has made it very clear she loves me and doesn't want to split up but she is not interested in having sex with me right now.

Again she has suggested I find someone else.. So I find myself changing my profile again and looking for someone to just sit down with and talk.

Yes most blokes are interested in sex (me included) but it is also nice to just talk to someone and share your deepest feelings. Sadly I don't feel I can do that with my Wife anymore.

She is still have people round and last Saturday she was fucked by three blokes following by Sunday with 2 other women. I've given up watching now as it's just not fun or interesting anymore.

Don't get me wrong I still love my wife and wouldn't be without her, but I find when she is mastibating or having sex with other people I feel a bit.. i dunno jealous I guess.

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