A new adventure in life...  

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7/20/2006 1:25 am

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A new adventure in life...

So, of course this being new to me....I have never in my life come this close to fulfilling these fantasies. Here I stand, on the brink. So, what better way than to chronicle my thoughts? One disclosure I will make is I will never, ever use names or identifying information or describe in details any of the things I do end up experiencing in my blogs. This is mainly going to be about my thoughts about the process and what my experiences do to me...

So, why start searching to fulfill our fantasies now? Because I feel there's a level of trust in my relationship that I have never experienced before that I feel comfortable exploring this side of our sexual life together and I want so much to see my man's face when he is being taken care of so attentively.

On the flip side, I just turned 35 this year and let me say that whoever said that women in their mid-30's are beginning their sexual peak was NOT kidding. I've always loved sex but omfrickin'g, I never thought I'd want it so much.

Don't get me wrong, I get very good sexin' here at home, but I think we definitely can benefit from some spice in our lives....and to be able to experience my fantasies come true and do it without any stigma attached to it and knowing that the man I love and adore is there with me, experiencing it at the same time? Makes me hot just thinking about it.

And oh boy, I have many, I don't think he realizes what a pandora's box this may be for me. Then again, he probably has more fantasies than the basic one he mentioned. Which is, of course, to find himself in bed with me and another woman.

So far, this has been interesting reading profiles, looking at pictures, and figuring out just what we want to do, where we want to go with this, how and with who. The neat thing is there is so much choice. I think we can find some new friends to help us ease into this.....and I'm excited.....

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