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rm_CauseISaidSo 49F
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8/4/2006 6:19 pm

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5/2/2007 7:04 pm

Shop till you Bop

So I have been in a shopping mood the last couple of days, probably because I finally have a bit of cash flow going again. (For the time being, lol.)
It feels good to be able to go out and buy something that isn't necessary, just because I WANT it. Yesterday I picked up a few CDs at Tower, and a couple of DVDs at Virgin Megastore, both were having good sales.

This afternoon, I went online and did some vibrator shopping.

My experience with "toys" has been pretty minimal, contained to the few items one of my exes bought for me. Besides the velcro restraints and a few minor accessories, he got me a mini-vibrator, which was fun to try, I liked the sensation, but I never got really hooked on it. As a matter of fact the batteries died at least 6 months ago (probably more like 10 months ago or longer) and I haven't thought seriously about replacing them.

Having had some abysmal experiences with most of the few guys I've managed to meet lately though, I felt it might be good to have a backup plan that DOESN'T lie, slander me to his surprise girlfriend of 4 years or act like a goon in other ways. So first, I looked at the toysinbabeland site but I didn't see anything very appealing to me.

I came back to AdultFriendFinder and looked under the "shop" section, then went to the adamandeve site. I browsed a few and then found..The Emperor. Evidently, the Emperor clearly rules over all other vibrators there since 17 out of 17 reviews started with or featured very shortly into the review an "OMG!!" Works for me.

I almost bought it but then two mentalities started to converge, (as they did in the music stores yesterday when I was holding onto an item for too long then decided it wasn't really THAT necessary.) First, the UPS delivery..if I had this delivered within any of the time frames offered from today, the package likely would be sitting at my door for a few hours before I got home. I so want my neighbors seeing an item from that kind of company waiting patiently for me on my doorstep, lol. And there is no way I'd want my super to sign for it for me.

The second mentality, which I hinted at already, arises when I go shopping. If I let myself start to think about the item I've selected or I hold on to it for too long, I end up changing my mind about it, and I'll likely put it away. This is because I really have had to become rather tightfisted with the way I spend money, so I am protecting myself by denying myself unnecessary purchases. (Although certain silly purchases, like the weekly magazines and my every so often sushi indulgences still creep through.)

I start to think.."is this REALLY necessary? Do I REALLY need this?" The fact is, I don't really. A boyfriend would always be preferable. This is just a toy for fun. So I closed the window before entering the credit card information and will wait and see how I feel about it in a few days.

Which makes me realize, if I had a boyfriend, I am betting this is something he would be more than happy to buy for me! But of course in that case it would be much lower on the priority list as I would be otherwise preoccupied!

P.S. -- I am dying to know if guys really do buy and use the pocket pussies those sites and stores sell!

P.P.S.-- As for the icon..I was looking around the web for a suitable photo to use for this post and when I saw that picture on it IS an actual dildo sold there..called "The Fist", I simply couldn't resist, LOL!!

MissAnnThrope 57F
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8/4/2006 8:17 pm

Third, do some price shopping. You know the city is full of such shops and it actually embarrasses male customers when women go in.

cuteNEway 42F

8/4/2006 11:27 pm

ooh girls lets all go and freak them out...

ErikSarcasm77 40M

8/5/2006 7:31 pm

Ok first, MissAnn. no it doesn't. That's the stuff porno movies are made of, and it excites us, cuz mayyyyybeeeee.... just mayyyyyybeeee.....

Secondly, my dear cause, they ship them in "plain brown boxes", the same nondescript cardboard boxes that they ship the aforementioned porn in... as well as neckties, roller skates, DVD's, fine china, and everything else they ship. It's not like there'll be a giant dildo standing upright on your doorstep like a potted plant for hours. Why, you can have The Emperor shipped to your local church without any worry, though I'd recommend ordering from Adam & Eve in that case

(Before the three of ya start asking the question everyone always asks when I mention porn.... yes I have, and yes I do. Deal with it)

And third, no of course you don't really NEED it... but what fun would life be if we only bought things we need? That's all...


vengeur 42M  
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4/28/2007 6:04 pm

So did you ever bother ordering that "Emperor" or what?

rm_CauseISaidSo replies on 4/30/2007 7:02 am:
yes, it's fabulous, but too big, lol!

vengeur 42M  
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5/2/2007 8:21 am

I went to the Adam & Eve site and checked out the reviews on that "Emperor". Some of them said the same thing you said! LOL

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