Lies Lies Lies yeahhh  

rm_CauseISaidSo 49F
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8/17/2006 7:59 am

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Lies Lies Lies yeahhh

:sung to the tune of The Brady Bunch theme::

Here's the story
Of a fucking liar
Named Rulebender67, on this site
Represents his sorry ass as single
But that's a total lie

Here's the story of a girl named CauseI
who wrote a quite exacting profile of her own
"No attacheds, no marrieds and no cheaters
They can leave me alone."

Then the one day when the liar wrote to CauseI
They agreed to meet one day when work let out
Had some food, some convo and some sparkage
Looked like it might pan out

Sex was good and he was hung and things went nicely
Then we parted and his calls stopped coming in
Till the one day I got a call by cellphone
Some girl was all in tears

"Our relationship is four years old and counting,
But I know he cheats on me all of the time..
did you sleep with him and what is going on here?"
She caught me by surprise

At the same time Mr Liar left me voicemail
Telling me to lie and say we'd never met
But she called me first and so I missed his message
And so she got the truth

Told the woman that I wouldn't see her boyfriend
that he advertised a single status too
She agreed that he's a liar and an asshole
I thought that was the end

:: Chorus ::

Then psycho bitch, then psycho bitch
6:30 in the morning she rings again
Ok this can go on and on..the gist is..she called me up at 6:30 in the morning just to tell me about everything her sometimes bf had to say about me. She also denied that she'd ever been crying (she was audibly sniffling with tears you could HEAR, and a voice that was clearly affected by a sobfest) or that they actually were in a relationship (she very specifically said the first time that they were in a 4 year relationship, although according to him, she is married). FUCK..I don't call people I KNOW at 6:30 in the morning!!!

We talked a bit then ended the conversation. It was civil.

A few days after that (maybe a week) I come home to a message of "you fat whore" on my answering machine. *57 says it is traceable and has been traced. I even called the cops. It's a new number, and there has only been one instance like that since I got it, pretty clear to see who it was coming from, one of the two. I sent him an IM teling him to tell his gf Sybil (did not call her that, the IM was resrained and polite) to lose my numbers as I have not been bothering either of them and I expected the same.

A few days after that I get another message from her criticising me and saying then maybe I ought to reexamine my own behavior. WTF??

I sent him an email via AdultFriendFinder as i figured it was one account she wasn't breaking into and told him..
"**** or however you spell it, left me another message after the first one I complained to you about. I would like to not hear from her again as I am not bothering either of you. Good luck with that/her, she does seem a bit off, this is the last time I will write or call you."

He wrote back BLAMING ME, lol (oh was that someone ELSE's cock doing the cheating? Was that NOT You calling me up asking me to lie for you after you lied about being single?):

As I have told you before, you get what you give in life. Maybe you should not have lied to her about how many times we had sex. (This never even came up..she asked if we slept together, i admitted it, that's all.)

Better yet, you should have had a shred of common sense and not said anything at all.
I see you have age but no experiencce.
(Fortunately, no, I don't have much experience with lying or with liars such as you, thanks for broadening my horizons in that regard, I guess.)
I wish you luck.

I did actually write back before blocking him on that venue too, saying:

"Funny, the liar calling someone else a liar after asking me to lie for him. You will certainly reap what you have been sowing."

Let's hope this is the end of this. I wrote a very specific NO ATTACHED MEN profile for a reason, and this is why.

Deliberate llliteracy is a real problem in these United States.

cuteNEway 42F

8/17/2006 3:49 pm

Girl they don't fuckin read! And if they DO they selectively ignore what they lack or what they have that you don't want.

People tell me, "Maybe this isn't the right site for you." That has NOTHING to do with it. No matter what site you go to, you'll find the same people. They all end up here.

Hell even in real life dating you find this scum. They just have more women more easily accessible for their game than in RL...bastids!

MissAnnThrope 57F
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8/17/2006 4:57 pm

Yes, you have no experience in helping a man cheat. Bad, bad Cause!

TriggerJinxed 39M

9/2/2006 6:16 pm


Trini_1979 39M

9/14/2006 12:23 pm

This shit is way too funny. I had the same experience ladies so it's not just the fellas fucking around lying about what their capabilities are or who their with. I feel it's pertinent to be as honest as you can since that's a rare commodity these days. I hope you don't have to deal with this again CauseI.

shylena256 43F
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9/16/2006 8:40 am

I was singing along and then it stopped rhyming-
Oh wait, that's the same way it happened to you with that Idwad!
I met a single guy who lived in my city and he turns out to be not single and live 4 hours away.
I will give this to him... his girlfriend (wife? once they've lied once who the fuck knows what the truth is) never called me.
On the other hand, neither did he.
Guess I better count my lucky stars.

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