Don't Need A Gun To Blow Your Mind  

rm_CauseISaidSo 49F
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12/8/2005 8:28 pm

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Don't Need A Gun To Blow Your Mind

Who else went to Strawberry Fields tonight?

Every December 8th for years and years I had thought about going but I'd been turned off by some of the geekiness I saw on the news coverage of it, the annual Lennon fan pilgramage always struck me as a sort of morbid Trekkie convention. This year, I changed my mind. I have been there a few times before in non-wintry months, but I wanted to be part of the milestone remembrance today.

I could only stay for about an hour because THIS December 8 was not "unseasonably warm" and my toes were freezing off. I met an online friend of mine, Elena, at the park at the line to get into the main area of Strawberry Fields ..(yes, there was a HUGE line), never had met her in person before. Very, very cool chick! It was so fun to hang with her and go to this.

Yes, there were loads of people, the Park officials were steering everyone in and out, but it didn't seem to take too long to move towards the mosaic center, where the usual makeshift fan band was leading sing-alongs.

Random thoughts/observations..

A.) Certain songs are NOT meant to be sung en masse and as a matter of fact, as a John Lennon fan I was kind of offended, rightly or wrongly, to hear a large crowd singing along to Mother as it is one of his most personal songs, about his abandonment by both his was irritating me hearing this crowd sing along to it like it was a campfire song or something. Same thing with Cold Turkey..NOT a sing-a-long song.

B.) Howard Stern is to radio what John Lennon is/was to music. The sexual material aside, I see a lot of parallels between these two guys, one being the way they really laid their entire lives open for the world to see. I think a lot of their outlooks were very similar and I also think that Lennon would have liked the Stern show immensely, might even have been a frequent guest on it.

C.) There was a guy who came to the gathering dressed JUST LIKE John Lennon. He was at least 6'1", showed up wearing a long, olive drab army jacket, dungarees, a cap, granny glasses..sounds like a typical Villager outfit? No. You had to have seen this guy, it was DEAD on and deliberate. I found it somewhat appalling seeing as fan overidentification with JL is pretty much what led to his death. Again, could just be me, but Elena thought it was kind of creepy also. And she duly noted, Faux Lennon was accompanied by a small Asian. LOL. (Male, though.)

We saw Yoko put the two memorial candles up in the windows, signaling to the crowd her acknowledgement of its presence. You can see her windows from the Fields. She has the whole top floor or two of the Dakota, I believe.

Elena and I managed to get close to the ragtag fan "band" (there were a few people that showed up with with guitars, leading to competing groups trying to sing their different songs at the same time, which was kind of funny.) It was actually kind of fun to stand and sing to some of the songs with the crowd, some of whom were even worse than Duran Duran's Simon LeBon at getting their lyrics and cues right, lol.

I haven't had my cry for the day...almost had it just now listening to #9 Dream, I will get it before the night is over, I am sure. Q104 has been great all day, playing all Lennon/Beatles and these previously unheard J.L. interviews..they are playing something now I have NEVER heard..I am sure I should know this one though..I think it was off the Rock and Roll album, which I am not as familiar with. I would love to hear Lennon's version of Stand By Me--it is the rawest vocal performance next to Joplin's Piece of My Heart, and his own song Mother, that I have ever heard.

R.I.P., Johnny. And thank you, thank you, thank you.

nyyx 49M
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1/10/2006 8:52 pm

"really laid their entire lives open for the world to see"

Is/was this a need? A goal? A pleasure for the world, to see?
Which ... part of the world was/is really interested to see someone's/anybody's entire life laid open to be seen? And why, actually?

rm_CauseISaidSo 49F
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1/13/2006 10:38 am

Well, in Stern's case, 8 million listeners were interested. In Lennon's case, millions more and growing with every generation.

Creative expression is made more profound when you put more of yourself into it.

I guess biographies are not your thing. They seem to sell pretty well, though. I dig learning about opther people's lives and how they did the things they did and why and how they became who they became.

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