The Return of Cathy  

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6/19/2006 9:27 pm

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The Return of Cathy

It finally happened, My sweet little gym instructor Cathy returned from vacation tonight. And I must say, it was entirely delicious.

When I arrived at the gym tonight, the other Cathy regulars were all abuzz wondering, "Will Cathy be back tonight?" God, I sure as shit hoped so. The substitute classes were crappy as hell while she was away and of course, I was just dying to see her. Yes, I missed my little Nazi drill sargent. Make that sexy-as-hell Nazi drill sargent. Ma'am!

The minute I see Cathy enter the building, I inform the girls that SHE has arrived and we're just all atwitter. Of course, I'm not sure that we're all atwitter for the same reasons. I do not think that these other women want to fuck her. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

A while back, ole dumb shit here stupidly opened my big mouth and told my ex what a good class it was (we go to the same gym) and so guess what? She shows up for the class tonight! I hated to have to ogle another woman in front of her, out of both politeness as well as because I know she wants to get back together...which ain't happening. But, considering how high my Cathy-o-meter level was, I had no control. I totally forgot about my ex being there, my eyes were so focused elsewhere. I wonder if she noticed?

I can't even begin to say how exciting class was tonight. Cathy was as glad to see me as I was to see her. She gave me quite the smile when she saw me which about floored me. She's not really the smiling type - Nazi drill sargent, remember? She's done something with her hair - gotten some highlights up front and boy, did she look sexy.

Once class began, we could not take our eyes off each other. At one point, we were staring at each other so intently, that she totally screwed up the routine and forgot what the next steps were. She mumbled into the microphone in a rather befuddled voice, "Uh, I think I messed that up."

But the real coup de grace, the crowning glory of the evening was when she got down on the floor for ab work. Ninety percent of the time, she faces the mirror and not the class. But every so often, she decides to lie down and face the classroom...which would, in actuality, be specifically... me. This puts our faces about four feet from each other. And...seeing how gravity pretty much works the same day in and day out, when we lift up on our elbows to hold that fucking horrible plank position, her skimpy little tank top falls down towards the floor and all her perky little treasures are revealed. Only to me. That's right - like a little gift from her to me. And, of course, we're pretty much staring at each other the entire time. Most of us fall out well before Cathy does primarily because we are not fans of Nazis nor are we fans of drill sargents. We're just all a bit softer than that. So, I just lie on the floor and watch while her body shakes to maintain the position. Which, in turn, makes her tits jiggle in a most delightful manner. I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

Of course, I always try and innocently loiter around after class in the hopes that Cathy will talk to me but my friggin ex just keeps walking and talking and I have no legitimate reason to hang around so I feel compelled to walk out with her. Of course, she wants "to talk." Sheesh. Cathy comes walking out later and she actually waved at us (read me) as she drove away. The most I have ever gotten from her was a nod of the head. Must be a drill sargent thing. But she gave me quite the girly wave tonight.

So, I have to come up with a PLAN. Something sly. Perhaps I should casually ask if she ever does any personal training? I'm sure the answer is no so I'm not sure where to go with it after that. I thought about leaving a note on her car but I'm not sure what it would say. I definately do not want to get kicked out of the gym because of harassment or something. Plus, how horrible would it be if I couldn't go to her classes anymore. She is the best and hardest instructor at the gym. I'd love to just pass by and whisper "You are so sexy" but she's always wearing that damn microphone and I don't want to whisper that to the entire class. Anybody got any brilliant ideas on how to get this moving forward?

LookandWink 64M

6/22/2006 10:41 am

I think the "personal trainer" comment is a good start. If she's interested in you, it will break the ice and the conversation will keep going. If she just says no and doesn't keep up the conversation, then you know she's not available. Good Luck!

LookandWink 64M

6/22/2006 12:04 pm

Thanks for the visit and comment. I hope you have a wonderful time! Have fun!!

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