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7/14/2005 7:11 pm

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Still alive and kicking

Busy, busy, busy. Well it has been awhile since I wrote anything and I wanted to revisit to let everyone know where I am at in my self experiment. My last blog should have given you insight into what I want to change. I admitted I was a procrastinator and was trying to overcome that. I even started this blog and almost decided to leave it. I realized I guess that is what I always do start something and leave it. Not this time though.

So I have been busy calling creditors to work on my financial instability and surprisingly when you call and say hey I want to pay you they become much more pleasant to deal with . It is a start at least.

I also decided to discontinue my education with the college I had started with. I was going for a bachelors degree in business computers. I am really good with computers actually more so than people I think. I was just not happy with the types of classes I was taking and really getting depressed with the idea of making spreadsheets the rest of my life. Not being a risk taker I thought it would be a good jog to my system to take a big one. The safe thing of course would be to stay on the track I started because I am going to lose a lot of credits but I switched schools and have signed up for classes for graphics and game design. Yes, still computer related but I want to explore my creative side again. When I was a teen I wrote poetry, played music and drew constantly. Somehow I lost that and creativeness and became very analytical (and cynical). So back to basics I guess.

So how does this help with my relationship to my wife you might be wondering. I figured out I am not happy with myself so how could anyone else be happy with me. I started working out and I am really getting into a routine. The only distracting thing ironically is my wife, kids and the lifestyle we lead. We have actually been with others more than we have been with each other lately. (This Friday is going to be just us, I can not wait)

When we first started swinging I was very hesitant and reserved, this of course due to my own insecurities and being jealous by nature. Wife says it is because I am a Scorpio. I know she loves me but every man apart of a couple in this lifestyle whether they admit it or not always worries that the wife will meet someone that makes them feel like they never had before. That is a hard one to get past. I did though and now have embraced it. I do enjoy the couples and singles we have been with. It is definitely an ego boost when a person you have not known all your life exclaims, “MY GOD WHERE DID YOU LEARN THAT!!!!!!” and collapses in a quivering ecstasy. My calling card I guess is how well I can go down on a woman. I LOVE IT!!!!!! In fact, LOL, I think that is one of the reasons my wife still puts up with me. She says she has not found man nor woman that is as good as me in that aspect (yeah I know she is my wife and is suppose to say things like that, but if you only knew her personality you would know she speaks her mind good or bad). I believe a woman or women should be pleased and satisfied several times before leaving the bed.

Sex is not something I really have a problem with so much as all the other things I am working on. Now I am not saying there is not room for improvement, because only a fool thinks they have learned it all.

Well that is all for now I will continue to keep posting and if my wife finds out who this is, all I can say is baby I love you.

Tryanything1ceXX 45M/41F

7/15/2005 8:27 am

well cath i tell you your wife sounds like she loves you and i think me and mine should hook up with you and yours considering i love oral muhahhaha and i speak my mind as well

my huny was not always great in bed he has come a long way but it took some pretty harsh words from me to make him embrace his sexual side soooo i no were your wife is coming from

good luck on your quest
kisses melissa

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