A Continuation on Professional Escorts (finalized)  

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A Continuation on Professional Escorts (finalized)

OK, here I am again, with one of those tales of my using professional escorts.

I was in Philadelphia for a seminar and I had been invited as a panelist. Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love except I don't have a brother and my hotel room was boring. So I called Norma in Trenton to see if she had a likely man that could be fun and conversation over dinner. Let's be honest here, my intentions are always honorable until about desert time.

Phillip was suggested. He was a professor at a local University and was truly well read. Actually he sounded like fun. Phillip called and we agreed to meet at 7:30 in the hotel bar. He would make reservations at a marvelous French bistro for dinner at 8:00. I told him I'd be in a white jacketed suit.

I got to the bar at about 7:15 and sat down and ordered a drink. Oh, Oh, I thought, here comes that complete bore Hilda. She was on my panel and is an utter frump. She's from Georgia and is an opinionated, tight-assed, humorless, hair-in-a-bun, sex-less bore. Over she comes, like clock-work.

"Oh, are you alone? So am I. Would you like to have dinner together. It'd be so much fun."

"No, sorry, I'd love to, but I have dinner arrangements with an old friend." She sat down.

Hilda ordered a drink and it was obvious she was going to stay. We made small talk for a few minutes. All the time I was continuing to keep my eye on the door.

At 7:30 exactly at the bar entrance appeared a six foot tall, good looking man. Phillip had arrived!

Hilda's back was to the door and I thought I'd just stand up and leave her. I'd already signed my check. Oh, no, life is just not like that.

He walked over to my table.

"Carla?" he said.
"Yes," I said, standing up.
"Phillip?" Hilda said.
"Marie," Phillip said to Hilda.
"Oh, really? You know each other?" I said to both of them, "Marie?" I continued looking right at Hilda and sat down again smiling in my best Cheshire Cat grin, "Phillip, please sit down and have a drink. Hmm, now this should be interesting."
"Well, ahh, Phillip and I are, sort of, old friends," Hilda said.
Phillip, no dummy he, just kept his mouth shut.
"Well, tell me, Marie, exactly what kind of 'old friends' are you?" I asked.
Hilda just stammered, turning a bright shade of red.
"Phillip, you're obviously amongst friends, have you two fucked? And what name was she using?"
"Now, Carla," said Hilda/Marie, "Don't be crude."
"Are you too together?" asked Phillip.
"Well, not exactly," I said.
"I'd just love to join you for dinner, it might be fun," said Hilda.
Oh, Shit!

Phillip, being smarter then I thought, asked for a minute away from us. He returned and the three of us went to the restaurant. Upon arriving at the table Phillip reserved there was a second man, Johnny. Phillip introduced him, saying, "Marie, Johnny is for you. Same terms, same rights, same fun."

I looked at the three of them, "Same fun? Guys, not to be too crude as Marie/Hilda would say, but 'this I'bve got to see.'"

We had dinner. Hilda was an absolutely perfect lady in every way. She even split the check with me before we all went back to the hotel. The four of us headed to the elevator. When we got in I almost fell down as the dear, tight assed, no crude language, hair-in-a-bun, sexless bore turned to me and said, "Let's all fuck together."

Suffice it to say we did.

Hilda has since become a good friend. She may excude a tight-assed reputation outside of her friends, but with me she is much fun, humourless, but fun.

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8/4/2006 5:22 pm

Carla... excellent story! I just stumbled upon your Blogs and I am glad I did! Please continue!

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