Howdy Ville 8/11/06  

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8/13/2006 10:07 pm
Howdy Ville 8/11/06

Well today was suposed to be an itresting day but seems we got stood up. A friend of ours invited us to this little party at a place in Hollywood called teh rooftop inn.
Well we were suposed to be there at 6pm and had been looking forward to it all day. Seems come 6pm the person who invited us had not contacted us. We contacted her and she did not answer her phone till 6:30pm or so and said she was leaving the Nude beach and on her way to the car and would call us back shortly. She never did.
Me and my Lady wound up going to a few adult bookstors to browse. We chacked out the megaplaxx on US1 in Fort Lauderdale and it was an ok Place but have been to better adult book stores. Then we checked out another place in Halandale off of 95 and Pembrook roade. It was a lot better then the first place. Found lots of toys we would love to own. Well while we were there we checked out the numerous previewing rooms and saw this he she kinda mingaling around the video rooms LOL it was intresting. We didn't say anythign to it but LOL it was strange to say the lease.
Then we decided to check out Scarlett's a local strip club close by, but it was not as impresive as otehrs had told us. See my Review when it posts latter.
The Staff was attractive but not to personable and this RUDE waitress Kristi acualy told us we had to move out of her station as we were not orderign drinks. We had been there for like 3 hours and had several drinks but as usual I was the Driver so could not drink much myself and 3 Drinks and my Lady is drunk so we were trying to enjoy the show but wound up leaving the place unsatisfied.
Next we checked out The Rocky Horror Picture show. We have been there numeros tiems but my lady choose so taht's where we wound up. After we got back in my Lady kinda passed out but I had my way with her anyway. He he he. That was about it for this day in Howdy Ville.

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