Give me a fight!  

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7/4/2006 7:11 am

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7/6/2006 5:22 am

Give me a fight!

I want a fight!

Have you ever watch the movie Fight Club? A nameless, desk working man (Norton) becomes consumed in his emptiness until he meets a Tyler Durden, a cunning soap salesman (Brad Pitt). The two set off to form fight clubs and eventually turn onto a path towards anarchy and the total destruction of civilization.

That's what I am talking about....anyone of you know a fight club in Malaysia? Although I am not into masochism and wanted to be brutally whacked up by other ppl or inflict damage and pain on them, I do want to try out sweet science of
proper boxing fight ---- wearing a head gear, boxing boots and adhere to the rules etc. Then with enough balls to step into the ring, facing my opponent that could be more stocky and intimidating then me; give him a mean look in the eyes. When the bell rings, I gritted my teeth move forward and take in the every best of him and at the same time giving mine back.

Sometimes I do even fantasize a good brawl with a stranger in a minor car accidents to release my angst. Just curious to find out how tough I am and how much balls do I have.

I dont know how to describe why I want to try this out. Maybe I m just like the desk working character --- too fucking bored by the mundane souless state of working life. The feeling of either fight for survival or be thrashed by
your oppenent, which nowhere to run and hide inside the ring is so mirror image of the challenges we face in life everyday and every second.

I am not a good writer and may do injustice to this sweet sport by not giving it enough credits. But just enough to say nothing is more relaxing and fulfilling after a shit day of work, you can punch your heart out to the heavy bag and forget the world behind you. Soon you will develop a special bond with your heavy bag --- sounds like a nut case but it's true!

birchingphobia 41M

7/6/2006 4:27 am

Fight Club?


Wow! But I think I have to pass. But cock fight i'll consider. Hahaha!

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