A Prologue So To Speak......  

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6/27/2006 8:09 am

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A Prologue So To Speak......

Hummmmmmm.........This is my first time blogging, so Readers please don't hope this is a Pulitzer Prize award material....

How should I shot off this rambling tale about my adventure at AdultFriendFinder. Let's just say it happened at a fateful day of unknown dimension in time of 2 months ago, where accidentally I came across the AdultFriendFinder link attached personally by some decent/innocent looking ladies at a matching site (they still decent but enjoy life more I guess.....).

Then I clicked and entered ----- Ooooh mine fucking God, what the Jesus fucking Christ! --- a Pandora Box was opened up to my face raw. Afterward, life has not been the same again and there is no turning back......

Politically speaking, seeing so many hot, sultry ladies typically like the lovely girls next door suffering loneliness and deprivation of good humping (no pun intended) has called upon my boy scout Samaritan nature to take up this gigantic task honourably. I registered hurriedly with little profiling (silly me!) and felt like a boy with his new toys coming! However, nothing interesting to tell except blanks .......................................; because I am a standard member.

Suddenly, thing took different turn last week as I had had a circumcision (yup....feel like a porn star now) and mc for whole week. I discovered I can approach people through imc or chat room. However, only cold shoulders I got from all of them. In desperation I tried flavour my words with more attitudes (actually degrading vulgar words only) , which i regretted deeply since then. Not just I didn't get hook up any hot pussies but instead getting the nice piece of mind from each of them ! Ouuuuchh! Serve me fucking right ! I guess more than ? years of celibacy and DIY really make my lady approach rusty and unpolished.

Therefore, I concur that guy must always treat a lady with respect and dignity ----- and don't ever you dare to pass any judgments on them. Talk nicely and politely with them and slowly by slowly let the sensual discussion unfold. There is no hard lined rules on how to do this except trial and error to find out the correct button
to press, but the rewards damn worth it...... .

Finally, I got pick up a holy-sacred-untouched-20s-something sweet shy virgin! Combining Shakespeare smoothness with my extraordinary sexual imagination brain lobe --- I lighted up a fire inside her pant with unflattering YM messenger. She cummed me a river and tortured her innocent pussy shamelessly ----- and her sultry moans echoed loudly over the whole town, making sailors all blushed. Hey...public education doeas have its important roles to play in the society, isn't it? Now I am her loyal regular bedtime story teller and DIY has a new meaning to her life now....Hehehe. At last, I have made a lady happy, all my sins and mistakes were redeemed ------ Amen !

Would I deflower her one day? Hummmm........Nay !!! Better looking for consenting mature fun partners, rather than shagging a lady to break her heart in the end.

Not the least, I managed to buy another nice lady a drink and have had a good time chatting together. Well, so far haven't got laid yet after joining AdultFriendFinder, but I am cool about it. It is the whole process of fun seeking that I enjoy, not just merely aim for the "thing" between their legs only.

Nevertheless, coming days I can see a bright future ahead and started to go gym seriously to develop my six-packs, bubble butt and stamina. I expect nothing less from AdultFriendFinder ladies, just like they expect nothing less from me. Who say life is ain't that beautiful!

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alisa_d 39F

6/28/2006 5:49 pm

nice.. welcome to blogland

birchingphobia 41M

7/4/2006 7:04 am

Yeah! Welcome to Blogland!

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