Anal Sex: Love it or what?  

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5/9/2006 6:45 am

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Anal Sex: Love it or what?

My first blog here.

Not all of us have had rewarding and varied sexual experiences. Perhaps one or two in our lives and as in my case, experiences which have led to plenty of food for fantasising.

Anal sex is possibly one such sexual experience which not many of us have had, and that too satisfactorily, if at all. I’d love to know how many of you folks out there have had good anal sex experiences.

I’ll start myself with three that I’ve had.

The first. I had probably just entered my teenage years. An older male cousin who first seduced me with porn, adventurous and exciting for someone my age, then tried to bugger me. He did not succeed, as he himself was too young and inexperienced to use lubrication. My screaming that afternoon deterred him thereafter, and forever!

The second. My ex-wife. While she was initially reluctant, she was soon a willing partner. We lubricated ourselves thoroughly and then I fucked her ass. I was, on hindsight, quite violent in my thrusting and must have hurt her. She never wanted to do that again.

What is about anal sex that gets a man all worked up? One girlfriend said that it was because all we men were anally fixated and that we were latent homosexuals, when we didn’t admit our gayness! I believe I’ve discovered my bisexual side through this experience.

The third. A girlfriend of my dreams. She left me and broke my heart! She loved anal sex and we didn’t need lubrication. To add to which, she enjoyed getting fucked in the ass and assisted me in inventing as many positions for anal sex as we tried for cock-cunt play! And then, she had no qualms about giving me a blowjob after I withdrew from that lovely asshole of hers. I loved kissing her after that. The tastes were otherworldly. I remember one day bathing together. I was on the toilet seat watching her lather herself. She noticed my hardon and promptly straddled me. Instead of getting into her pussy, she plunged me into her ass with my standing rod. And as she did so, she involuntarily peed on to my stomach in a great gush! That started off our experiences with golden showers as well. The one and only great anal sex experience of mine!

Sex in the bathroom could easily be another topic to discuss. I once poked the maid from behind as she swept the bathroom floor. Her studied indifference as I fucked her and her contrasting and cataclysmic orgasms subsequently, were a turning on sight to see every time. But more of bathroom sex later.

All the other women I have fucked have never wanted anal sex.

Like I said, not all of us…. So how about you folks out there?

LilSquirt_4mfm 68M/68F
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5/9/2006 9:05 am

i'll pass thx ...... like pretty much everything else ....

as i say, Anal is just that.. "Anal"!! ... guess that covers it!!


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