rm_COclimber69 57M
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10/15/2005 5:51 pm

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5/1/2006 5:23 pm


...if Eastland can get hot!

rm_funsex353 57F
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12/31/2005 4:48 am

i love your big cock and would love to feel it entering me as you spread my ass cheeks apart and probe my holes with it head. Nice and tight with a little dry friction for the first couple of slow hard humps and then my juices let go and invite your ramming cock to make me yelp. Your fingers playing with my hungry ass, getting it all wet it begs for some big cock too. Then you could turn me around and hold my head as you hump your hard throbbing cock down my throat, letting yourself go and do what the animal in you wants to do. Damn I am wet and almost cumming from this video I just typed to you. Do you like it so far?

rm_COclimber69 57M

1/15/2006 7:03 pm

Hey Tucson,

Do I like that??? I am human. But, here is how I see it...I stand you up, in very high heels...slowly bend you over as my tongue explores your back, your beautiful ass, and that dripping pussy. Now you have your beautiful ass in the air and I tease that pretty pussy with the hard head of my cock until you moan. I don't give it to you there, yet...I spread your sweet ass and slowly slide my hard cock in...playing with your hard clit as I fuck that sweet ass. You cum all over my fingers as I cum in your sweet ass and I stop, but only to lick every drop from your gushing pussy and you cum for me again and again and again...

Wish you were closer...might have to visit Tucson!

DawnDiva1 43F
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4/29/2006 11:45 pm

Would you like for me to strip and crawl in the tub with you? I love to be in the water sucking that cock!



rm_COclimber69 57M

4/30/2006 2:19 am

Yes, I would love for you to strip and join me. You would have to straddle my face so I can lick that pretty pussy while you are sucking my cock...sounds like FUN!

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