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9/10/2005 1:09 am

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finally Settled

I finally settled in COS. I even found a great apartment with a wonderful view of the mountains and a job that I love. Now to find some people or that one special person to share it with.

A little bit about what I'm looking for:

I'm a sensual person. I'm not a rush get in get out type guy. I like to take my time and please the woman that I'm with. I'm very open minded and am into alot of things sexually. I'm a dominant type personality, caring and sensitive, but still dominant. Although there is the occasional person we all meet that just wants something a little quick down and dirty and then go away, it's not the type of encounter I prefer. I like to get to know and be comfortable with a person so that we can both enjoy the time we spend together in and out of the bedroom, car, woods, theater, mall or wherever else our naughty little hearts might get into the mood. I don't care for selfish people. I'm very giving and like people that are the same. Don't take that as I'm a pushover because I'm anything but. I believe that the best friendships and partners over the long haul are ones who appreciate, respect and are comfortable with each other in an equal and mutual way.

Yes, I'd like to meet a nice woman who wants to have kids and I'd prefer that she be bisexual already or truly curious about it and could balance her sexuality with her daily life. I'm not really interested in overly religious people, to say that fanatics are a huge turn off. I can respect peoples right to believe whatever they want as long as they can also return my respect by letting me believe what I do.

Women who like motorcycles are a plus, provided they're not Harley Freaks. I have an 82 Yamaha cruiser and am getting ready to purchase a sport bike from a friend so I can satisfy my speed need. lol Eventually (read- within the next year or 18 months) I'm planning on buying a sport touring bike. Since moving to Colorado, I haven't had the time to go sight seeing and would like to do so on a comfortable bike with an interesting companion. Unfortunately, my bike wasn't made for long distance touring and gets uncomfortable after an hour in the saddle (thankfully unlike me - *wink*). Then again, that could be a good thing with the right person as our riding breaks could lead to some wilderness fun. >>!

I look forward to hearing from anyone sharing my interests wether it be for a short time or the long term.

Get busy living or get out of the way.


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