its a beach party!!!  

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8/8/2005 11:49 am

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its a beach party!!!

Well, went to a party at the beach last night. everyone there was from Xmatch. Nothing happened, mostly i think because the only ones who knew everyone there was the host/hostess, and by the time the comfort level was there, it was time to go home. Me and My lady had a bit of a spat, which is embarasing, but she was exhausted, so short tempered, and i was even more exhausted, with very sensative feelings. The hostess herself, whom we gave a ride home, was falling asleep in her seat, and i have no illusions about how tired you have to be to fall asleep in the back seat of a suburban.

I have to say, the only thing i hate about beach parties is getting the fucking sand out of your car afterwards. I don't even have carpet in the front floorboards anymore, I brought too much of the beach home with me. so now i either need to find someone with a good vacuume or go pay for one at the carwash... probably the carwash, that way i can rinse the undercairage off, too.

Other than that, not a whole hell of a lot happened. My lady and i came home, fixed the bed (we take most of our bedding with us over the weekend, we stay at our friends house. and we havn't been invited to share the bed at night *grin* yet, and we don't assume anything.) and basicly passed out. I woke up long enough to move to the living room (sometimes i sleep better on the couch) and then again to take My lady to work, but otherwise, i slept till 12:30. and, with my migrane, beds still lookin pretty good.

Its siren song is calling me, and i must answer. later all, nappy bye time for his lordship.

lord damien

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