The Definition: My Personality  

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6/19/2005 8:30 am

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The Definition: My Personality

Hey, people, it's Carl again. Maybe I'm going off hand here but a lot of people don't know me very well. So, I decided give you a little taste. I'm not boring, but I am smart. It seems to me people may think I'm boring but I'm really not. The thing is when I post some shit, I give it a smart title that's why I don't get many hits on my postings. But, don't worry about that anymore I got you! If you think you haven't seen the wild side of CBfleXXX, you're about to be astonished! I

I love to fuck! I love eating pussy, but, I can't just fuck I have to heat things up with foreplay. I've found that if I don't spend time touching rubbing or doing something not related to sex but promotes it, I feel awkward and don't perform my best.

I love to talk and get to know people better before we do anything. It's always better when we have something in common and enjoy ourselves before make that big step. I'm very romantic but lately have found myself not doing the things I usually do. I don't like it and I probably won't be doing it anytime soon anyway.

So, you want a guy that's going to spend money on you like he has it to throw away. Well that's a good fantasy but, on some real shit, it's not happening with me. Don't get me wrong I will always pay for the meals, the movie and all that, but if I don't have it we won't be going out.

I love giving head and will do it as long as you want, but, I would like some in return. I found the 69 position is very fullfilling, because I end up doing the most on my end anyway, it all pays off in the end as long as you do it and I get hard.

So, what now? You take this posting anyway you want it it's still The Definition of me. Holla back!

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