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Well, they call Las Vegas "Sin City." Let's face it, you can find any type of "trouble" you want there. But what has fascinated me most about the place are the little cards that guys hand out on street corners --- you know, the ones with hot babes on one side and an 800-number on the other --- and the racks of "catalogs" (for want of a better word) of women (mostly) and some gay/lesbian offerings.

First, the cards: Up in the corner, at an angle and in outstanding color they will have printed "$49 special." Special? What kind of special? They never specify the special. I mean, is it some sort of buffet that Vegas is famous for? And what are the add-ons to this "special?" Maybe it's special that the woman will show up at your hotel room in 20 minutes --- after that it's a la carte. I always wonder --- just what IS that special?

Second, the catalogs (and I guess this applies to the cards too): There are so many catalogs and so many ads in them --- Asians, college girls, bored housewives, "nymphomaniacs," etc etc. Well, okay, LOTS of guys go to Vegas for one reason or another --- many at sales meetings or conventions --- but how many of them avail themselves of these offers? How many actually practice the 100-mile rule? And let's forget about the guys who arrive with wives and girlfriends in tow --- unless they have an open relationship or enjoy group sex.

There is such a large supply of these playmates (men and women) that one wonders what the ratio between contractors and contractees might be. I've heard these contractees can make great money --- but how often. Remember, there a bunches of "models" and "escorts" and "dancers" in the Yellow Pages too. How often does each of them "work?" It would seem to me not often enough. And, from the catalogs, a small sampling of the hottest is probably chosen most often. IS there a "living" here?

(BTW: I understand that at the legal bordellos outside of Vegas you can easily drop $3,000 to $5,000 IN ONE NIGHT!!!)

I'd love to hear some comments from a few of these contractees --- if they're here on AdultFriendFinder.

Me, I don't go that way. I've never had to pay for it --- not that I'm some sort of Adonis or something. In Vegas, there are lots of attractive, horny ladies at the slots --- of an age that appreciates a gentleman and sexual play just for fun. Many are divorced/widowed and even if they wanted to hire one of the few heterosexual "escorts" available most couldn't pay the going rates --- after all, they are at the quarter (or less) slots. This is not to put them down. They are, very often, attractive to gorgeous, intelligent and sexually rapacious. (WHOOPEE!!!) But why pay big bucks for what amounts to one round of cold "masturbation" when, for dinner and drinks and some casino fun, you can have multiple rounds of hot and real sex?

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