Nite nite - part 2  

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3/11/2006 7:51 am

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Nite nite - part 2

Got back from work this morning,
(club closes at 3 am)
I think it was about 4 am..
The head was tired but the body awake
Usually, with my day job, it's the other way around..!
Anyway, since I had to go up early this morning for a course I needed to attend it was "good night" right away for me!
Imagine trying to sleep when the body's full of life

Don't know how many of you, that reads my blog, who knows me but hopefully you've read my profile and know that it says BI-CURIOUS somewhere in it
My ques today is:
- why is it so common for girls out on clubs to act like they're bi-sexual? They can stand in a corner and observe for a while. Looking around for "objects" usually from the opposite sex, then after a few drinks (or before) when they head out to the dance floor it's like everything changes..!
Boom boom, they're all suddenly taken on a Bi-curious/Bi-sexual/lesbian role!
Usually it's two girls, sometimes three..
Like predators they stand there for display.. The innocent look, the seductive look..
Britney Spears goes Madonna
Maybe it doesn't seem like this at first.
At first sight they seem to "just" be dancing..

Followed by a dancing group of girl there's usually some kind of male involvement..
Either watching, admiring or actually trying to make contact trying do dance along.

Here's where the lesbo thing takes its place.

Girls flirt with guys,
guys goggle back..
Girls move their hips,
guys get a hard on

Guy try to dance along and if guy is "lucky"
and the girl fancies him back
he might get a chance to "prove" himself worthy..
Might get a chance.
Because if the guy is TOO on-coming
girl will go back dancing with her friends..
Doing the lesbo thing, teasing him just because she knows she'll more attention and there's nothing wrong with that eh?

Or the other way around-
Girl's out dancing with friends,
girl sees attractive guy and tries to get his attention.
Guy doesn't swallow the hook on "just" sexy
dancing and hard winking under half closed eyes (see the lashes brushing the floor?)
Girl notices guys lack of interest and tries another trick
the good ol "see me dancing sexy with my girlie hot friend" trick!

Usually when there's dancing there's also some kind of teasing involved..
Alas the lesbo dancing?

Either for -
Yeah,I know you want me but you can't have me.. But I'll show you what you're missing out on.. Look at me being all hot and steamy.


I want you but you don't seem to want me.. YET!
Look at me being all hot and steaming with the help of my foxy friends..
Look what you might be missing out on!


I'm lesbian/bi. Back off and leave me the fuck alone..

(not very likely though, being a woman feeling attracted to another woman doing the foxy dancing doesn't bring much fortune.. Guys usually wins that battle in the end.. Believe me, the girls aren't interested in me)

Females hunt with their bodies,
males with their wallet..

I've had both,
once at a club in London I met a guy coming on to me fairly strong.. If I hadn't been a strong girl I probably would've fallen flat on the floor - he was THAT on coming
Anyway, he seemed like a nice guy. He was funny, attractive and intelligent.
So what went wrong? Well.... First of all I want to state the importance of gentlemanship!
Women (based on myself and my femme friends) loves to be treated as a lady!
We usually want our men attractive, smart and successful- Attentive and understanding. Fit but not fitness maniacs. We want them to care but not too much.. We too love the hunt
Nothing can be too easy or we'll get bored.
(see, we're not that much different after all)

Back to the square when it all went bad..
We stood there in the bar, making the first move to get a feel of how the night would end..
He was attracted to me and as was I to him.
And then he said it. - Choose a number between 1 and 5..
Huh?? A number? I chose 3..
And what did he do?
He picked up his wallet and chose no 3.. From his credit cards..
Zzz zzzz zzz!!!!!!
How untactful is that?? Really?
There we were, a bit worked up and he totally ruins it by being.. eerr.. Can't even find the words! A PRICK!
Was that suppose to have turned me on? Made me faint? A bit squishy maybe?
WOW you actually have money of your own... Good for you!?
Guess what?
Me too...!

Anyway.. I lost my point rows back but my question still stands,

- why is girls doing the bisexual act when out trying to tease/catch a guy?

-how come there's so many guys out there falling for the "I might get the two in one package"?

- Why is everything about sex and money?
Do we have to little time to "sell" our minds
and try the easy way out.. money and looks.
The easiest thing to show off..

And please, don't ask me..
I sure don't know! I LOVE the mating rituals and am one of the first girls out there doing the foxy movement with my hips

Want to add that there of course are THOUSANDS of other ways than these but I though this post was already getting too long..

Please add your own.

So, last thing.
See you at the dance floor boys AND girls!

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im_your_man77 40M
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3/11/2006 10:50 am

Its a case of the boys watching the girls while the girls watch the boys who watch the girls go by.
I used to work in a night club too and I could see when people were hitting on one another, it made for great entertainment. Yet I am notorously slow to realise when someone is doing the same to me, I am just totally blind to it. Maybe with you being an expert in the behaviour I need to take you with me so that you can elbow me in the ribs when it happens lol. I have even been asked out on a couple of occasions (doesn't happen often lol) and I've been walking away from the askee before I have realised what she has just said. Of course slapping my forehead and crying "Idiot!" doesn't help me recover the situation.
I don't thing I'm the right guy to answer your questions lol.

londongames 37M

3/11/2006 10:57 am

PMSL @ Naomi- i think you should change your profile to BiNaomi
or was it just a clever typo....

Mating rituals have been so wrapped up in their own hype for centuries now... They get boxed, wrapped up, ribbon around and stamped with all of societies needs & obssessions...

I like to refer back to a more civilised social structure and primal way of doing things..

...Take the animal kingdom for instance..

if a lion wants to mate... he rolls around on his back, comes up and sniffs the lioness's behind, if it smells good he'll give her a little friendly bite, even a short spank with his paw... roll around on the floor with his "cum fuck me eyes" a little longer, and if the lady then acts like she isn't bothered but conveniently places herself on the ground showing off her assets then he trotts over and jumps her bones!!!

No questions asked

SO if anyone sees me on the dancefloor (a rare occasion lol), and i start rolling around the floow with paws in the air i'm not trying to breakdance in slo-mo, i'm trying to get ur attention lol!!!!!


londongames 37M

3/11/2006 11:08 am

To IM YOUR MAN: buddy, join the club. we males are incapable of noticing these things..
You're absolutely right. You can't win btw, it's just a natural pecking order, with men at the bottom... It's why I don't chase after girls too much when i'm out in a bar, I know they get bored, and I don't like to run

As an ex-barman, You notice a lot of subliminal NVC with people, and you learn the faux-pas as well as the "get in there" tricks. As for applying them, whole different kettle of fish. I remember once I had been eyeing up this girl i vaguely knew, she was very cute, but I never thought i'd get her attention.. She bought me a drink at the end of my shift (i think i was 18 at the time, had just started bar work). we chatted and we had one glass with 2 straws... Lots of laughing, flirting, liked her, knew she was digging me...

...So when she's talking to me later and asks me to feel how dry her lips are, and I fell them as she holds my finger, and i tell her they seem fine, and wander off to see a mate, I fail in my basic human right to stand up as a MALE in the kingdom.....

WOT A DUMBASS....... will never forgive myself....

toothysmile 51M
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3/12/2006 4:20 am


would you like to dance with me?...

BlondieInOz 36F

3/13/2006 3:59 am

<<< Skinny blonde gainjin, cant dance, needs tuition

P.S. I put my little sketches of you into my album in friends network, hope you like

rm_ByNaomi 36F
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3/13/2006 7:50 am

I'm you man:
I'll elbow you hun!

Indeed... youre a dumbass, LOL!!

Hmm.. I wonder if a web cam dance would work...?

Fuck yeah?
I couldn't agree with you more!

Am I leading..?
(I'm sure I'll love it)

© ByNaomi MyMirrorWithin 05'-08'

rm_anacortes 75M
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3/13/2006 4:46 pm

Interesting subject and sharing... thanks.

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