Let the hunt begin..  

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12/29/2005 7:47 am

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Let the hunt begin..

When did you catch me?
Or was it I who caught you?
Maybe I let you..
Maybe I let you because of
the simple reason that
my whole body was screaming your name.
Wanted you.
Craved to have you.

Instant passion glorified that night.

You were at the other side of my table and I found myself staring into those
blue eyes of yours.
Never wanting to look away.
I was aroused by the sound of your
voice and the way you moved
your hands when you were
talking to your friends.
Imagined them touching me.
Images in my head..

Instant eye contact, never looking away.

I saw you glancing at me
and I knew you wanted me too.
The hunt begins now.
You told me; - Don't look at me that way..
Yet, you couldn't look away.
And I didn't want to let go..
Your voice told me no, but your eyes..
Well, your eyes told me to keep on going.

Instant mind blocking, your breaths keep me awake

You asked me for my number that night.
And I gave it to you.
Two minutes later and I felt the phone
buzzing in my pocket..
"I can't get you off my mind"

I listened to your words
the evening after,
not in person but your voice
sounded so close it felt as
I was in bed next to you..
If only it could have been so!

Catch me if you can and
I'll show you how much
I'd appreciate being your prey..
It has only just begun but already
I find my mind occupied with trying to
figure out your next move.
Make it, I already know what my next one is..

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