How to make the F in Ford beautiful..  

rm_ByNaomi 36F
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6/7/2006 12:25 pm

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6/15/2006 2:44 am

How to make the F in Ford beautiful..

<--- there now.. Can you see it?

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londongames 37M

6/7/2006 3:13 pm

everytime i drive down the soon as I stop...this is what happens!! it get's so tiresome! granted yes naomi: i'm VEEEERY flattered that you and your friends love to clamber around my bonnet every time i drive past, but have you seen my parts & labour bills lately honey??


rm_ByNaomi replies on 6/8/2006 11:30 am:
you'll have to wait till friday when I come to Londn hun..
I'll be bringing AAALLLLLLL my girlfriends for your bonnet then.. !

QueenOfSwords 35F

6/7/2006 10:43 pm


rm_vaihtelu1969 49M
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6/8/2006 5:32 am

-Vaihtelu1969 to spice you up-

rm_lust2u2 52M

6/8/2006 6:52 am

Yeah, a better place for women than behind the wheel

rm_ByNaomi replies on 6/8/2006 11:24 am:
Err.... Not taking points "lust"...

pleasureyourclit 67M
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6/8/2006 3:15 pm

hey.... nice smiles you ladies have sweetie!


rm_lust2u2 52M

6/9/2006 5:08 am

    Quoting rm_lust2u2:
    Yeah, a better place for women than behind the wheel
Oops, sorry

MaggiesWishes 61F

6/9/2006 1:31 pm

Wickedly wonderful!
YOU do have a way to make a FORD appealing.
Who knew?

Lub ya Sis

rm_lust2u2 52M

6/12/2006 3:33 am

Naomi, once again - I´m really sorry if I insulted you with my, as I now understand, "clumsy comment"!

rm_ByNaomi replies on 6/15/2006 2:05 am:
well sometimes one can't be blaimed for flaws and mistakes..
But no repeating eh? You hear me?

take care, lust.


rm_lust2u2 52M

6/15/2006 2:38 am

I heard you, loud and clear!

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