Ego and Being Sexual  

rm_Bunny_and_Me 51M/42F
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6/28/2006 7:16 pm
Ego and Being Sexual

Hello is me, Bun. Well it is a lonely Wednesday night. Hubby is still out of town so I am trying to keep myself occupied.

I have been searching for "cutie-pies" and "sexxxy dolls" tonight on AdultFriendFinder. Something struck me so funny that I just had to write about it. Why do some people think it is funny to sound as if they are "a gift" to us all?

Yes, I would agree that some of us are "cuter" or "sexxxier" than others..but why flaunt it? There is nothing sexy about a big ego. Nothing!

Let's be real here...if you post a picture of yourself naked..of course you are going to get a ton of replies. That is just people being horny and wanting what they see. The real question you must ask yourself is~ Does your ego really need that type of ego boost?

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