My life in short !  

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3/7/2005 5:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My life in short !

Firstly may I say that Looks are important,So many say here there not,So why do I feel like Im not good enough or prety enough or tall enough,,Not Just me but everyone worrys how they look and its THAT FIRST GLANCE THE LOOK THAT SAYS I FANCY HIM OR HER,,its that FIRST LOOK ,,,,SO YES LOOKS DO MATTER,BUT as I belive that Beauty is in the eye the Beholder,I belive that maybe someone will see the true Beautifull me even if Im not Beautifull I will be to them :

Me,,,in short,Well I dont feel sorry for myself but Boy Ive had my fair share of Yuk in my life,,some would say well lifes what you make it,,,Ummmm My Mother died when I was five I was bought up in an orphanage,sent home at weekends and was beaten by the so called father,,It never fazed me,I learnt that Hope and dreams Keep you going,I got pregnant at 15 and I bought my Daughter up alone I had Boyfriends Didnt like sex till I was thirty by which time Id met maried Attila The Hun,,,He earned his name welll and stands proud of it as do most controlling bullys,But Im still strong I have a son whom I adore I stay at home because My son needs both us he adore us both and never asked to have seperated divded parents so we unite on parenthood and I agree as a dutifull wife on the rest for peace and to save being told off for answering back or for having an opinion he has special needs and I have to be on hand if he needs me,which isnt often while he at school,There thats the boring stufff,I have had coffee with few people from here Ummmmmmm Odd but interesting,,Met few nice people,But not gone as far as to find anyone other than that,,I live in Hope you see I am the annoying person on a bad day that says..THERE ARE WORSE THINGS IN LIFE,,,Because I know theres worse things in life I been there and I smile every day I sing in my car at top my voice Not caring who see's me,Im Jolly and kind and Think the best of people,why should I be miserable Lifes toooo short,I never ever let things get me down more than a hour,because I Know there is Hope of anything Hope is what keeps us all going,I hope to find someone nice,,I hope to have a nice car ,,I hope to be prettier I hope to be taller,,Theres always HOPE Thats who I am the person that has hope enough for life to never be totaly bad,,So smile and think the good and not the bad,,and when you done that call me mail me,I may Just be the person you would like to know better

imaginecouple 50M/49F
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3/10/2005 9:57 am

Just to wish you all the best and to say you sound brave and full of loving for your kids.
Be lucky and takecare xx us two

rm_SECRET055 50M
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3/22/2005 12:36 pm

Hope I could meet you, mail me if possible AdultFriendFinder

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