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9/30/2005 3:27 am

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your SEX health

I have recently recently learned about a relatively new science called GLYCONUTRITION. Reason its still relatively new as its was only as recent as the late 90's that scientist started to understand our bodies better at a cellular level - this might sound rather boring for most (inclu. me in that group) but it is only since 1999 when Dr Gunter Blobel (awarded Nobel Price for Medicine)made the discovery and understanding of how cells communicate. This was further followed by other discoveries in 2000 and 2001.

Without beating around the bush, it is now understood that to have good health boils down to good Nutrition at a cellular level - and this is something we do not have in sufficient quantities. If you are interested in this topic, suggest you get a book called THE MISSING NUTRIENTS by Steve Nugent, Dr.

So the science of GLYCONUTRITION is saying our bodies need 8 Sugars/monosaccharides to function optimally but we are only getting 2 of those Sugars. That is why we are suffering more diseases now than ever before - Cancer, Diabetes, Lupus, Auto-immune disease etc.

Instead of me waffling-on, check out and make up your own minds. Remember, your health includes your sexual ability and performance.

Hope I did not bore u to tears. Do tell yr frens and family. It could benefit them..don't be selfish! I am happy to share. this information

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