rm_BuckinFeans2 62M
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7/22/2006 9:55 am

I was out last night, enjoying the oppressive heat and seeking refuge from same in some of the pubs and clubs that dot the downtown area. From the Torch Club to the Flame Club (yeah,I know; an obvious link) and spots in between, I was bemused and tittilatted by what I saw. One of the best parts of hot nights is light clothing on the lovely, lovely women. And, ladies, once you get dancing and the sweat starts, you look magnificent.
As I was out of sorts and not seeking companionship for the night, I was also free to observe rather than get involved in the chase. Coo, it was a sight to see too, luvs.

Depending on the locale, within 10 to 20 min I could see who was on the make and who was in a receiving mood. I was also piqued by the way a lot of women flit form man to man; a dance or two with one fella.. then on to the next.
I'm considering a sociological expedition to see what happens at the end of the night. Whether the ladies are about the tease only or if they are also decently horny wenches ready to tumble with the guy they choose. Oh, make no doubt about that, the ladies make the choice, not us men.
At least that, I knew beforehand.

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