I left my fart in San Francisco.  

rm_BuckinFeans2 62M
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7/31/2006 9:19 am
I left my fart in San Francisco.

OK, I had to keep the fart part going and hadn't referenced it for quite a few posts. But enough of that.

I spent some time down on the penninsula of San Francisco this last weekend. It would have been better if I'd brought a lovely woman with me, but I was basically out for a bit of fresh air. It was a great couple of days fo r it too. Light to no fog, cool to chill ocean breezes with a hot sun.
I spent some time walking the campus of USF. Musing as I did about missed opportunities and subtle regrets. You know, that weird way we second guess our choices when we find ourselves in a place conducive to prolonged contemplation? OK, so I do. In an odd manner, these blogs of ours are similar places of contemplation, expression and resolution.
On Sunday, I found myself walking the Zoo. I really am grooving on how they've made changes in the different exhibits. ALthough, there's still few thrills as grand as being in the Lion House at feeding time. OMG, the roar reverberating around that huge concrete building.... magnificent. Maybe it's just me, I could sit and watch the monkeys for hours. Sometimes focussing on an individual and his interation with the environment, or watching an overview of the whole troop... observing their interactions with each other.

Hmmm, ok, I'll end with another of my little aphorisms -

All mankind has a great deal in common, they derive from the same mold. Yet, no two people are alike. Each person has a uniqueness and individuality that is all their own. It is each person's responsibility to develop and give expression to their individuality,or the purpose of creation is defeated.

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