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8/19/2006 9:34 pm

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3:38a thoughts

there's a late time evenin rain
An I got many miles to go.
I wish that I was on a train.
I wish that I was not alone.

She's far behind me on this road
Farther down is my old home.
When I left, I left that load,
Some years have passed, I may have grown,

If I could turn around I would
But I'm not sure what I would find
That ol house was made of wood
And wood can't stand the test of time.

Well, there's an emptiness in me
That I'm sure I could not hide
I'd like to throw it in the sea,
It would return on ev'ry tide.

I've got a notebook full of words
And a head that's full of shit.
I swear I don't know which is worse....
To try to stand or just to sit.

Would a man just run away?
Would a coward try to stand?
Let the woman have her way?
Or make her try to understand?

No one sees me when i cry
All they know is when i laugh.
They think that they know me well.
They're lucky if they know just half.

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