Being Easy  

rm_Bronze330 41M
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9/30/2005 3:32 am

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Being Easy

I'm easy. I admit it!

I'm all over the world a couple of times a month. It keeps from having those deep relationships, travelling all the time. But it makes for lots of really good friends in lots of different places. It's more than just loving sex. Got me thinking about why I'm like this.

Let me give you some perspective: I work for an International Model and Talent Management Agency. Part of our specialization is booking Exotic Feature Dancers and casting for adult videos. There is a hands off policy on eveyone we represent, and I'm 100% on that. But the environment we operte in puts me in the middle of a great sea of beautiful women, and we don't work with all of them!

Temptations are strong, and always present. That's not why I'm easy, but it doesn't hurt

Doing this work has taught me to recognize beauty differently. That might sound weird given this market, but it's real. There is always something beautiful about all women. And it is really easy to see after a while. Somehow, maybe that makes me less the predator, and more approachable. Or maybe I'm way better looking than I think. Because they keep coming up to me. Even women way out side of the industry, just someone I meet in a hotel bar or something.

I like being approached. There is this rush you get from being noticed, then another rush from being wanted, getting that validation of desirablity. It's a good feeling. Everyone should get that feeling, all the time. But honestly, I really like sex too. Sex is an art, and like all art it is best expressed by those with a passion for the subject. That should be the subject of another blog...

So, what all of this means is that almost any pretty girl that comes on to me, gets to take me home. It screws loyalty, and fideilty and exclusivity and all that, but it isn't something I hide when we hook up. Mostly it doesn't even come up in conversation and everyone is happy.

If this blog thing works, then there will be some feedback on this. I'd like that, especially from women. Should I be feeling more guilty about this? Am I misreading all the women that say they are OK with this? It's important to know. Seriously, I don't need a lot of grief about not deserving to be so lucky, or any guys asking if they can hang out when I'm working. I get enough of that nonsence from my friends.

femme872 30F

10/3/2005 5:48 am

I dont think u should feel guilty abt getting lucky. If ur lucky , ur lucky and if u not , then well too bad. I agree that sex is an art but i disagree that getting lucky is an art. The difference may sound subtle to u , but its actually a big difference. Think abt it.

Sometimes, women say things they dont mean. Like when they say they are ok with it and are not . But it could also mean they are ok with it too. Frankly, even im not sure.

And lastly, i just have to say that u remind me of a young Hugh Haffner. =)

rm_TheLadyMM 69M/40F
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10/14/2005 12:45 am

You are such a slut! But I love you anyway!

rm_TheLadyMM 69M/40F
5 posts
10/14/2005 12:47 am

Ooo it makes a little smiling thingy when I do the smile thing exactly the way I've always done it. SO there!

rm_TheLadyMM 69M/40F
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10/14/2005 12:50 am

The Bronze finds yet another venue to attract pretty women. Will the world ever be safe? She has a lovely body, has she seen you in your PJ's yet Hef? - K

rm_Bronze330 41M
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10/19/2005 10:27 pm

Thanks. You seem to be the only one that took this in the spirit it was offered, which is a little sad since I'm really thinking about this a lot. You have a great blog, and that's a great picture.

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