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good intentions by Briangreen23

By Briangreen23

You gently raise your nose, what was that pleasant smell? You never noticed it before, but then again, you never felt the soft breeze from the fan encompass your body in such a way before either. As you are sitting in the middle of your couch. Gently waiting, you begin to realize your senses must be heightened. How on earth, could you have allowed your husband to talk you into this? You ponder as your soft smooth skin rubs together it feels almost electric to the touch, with the newly applied lotion on your legs after your warm bath. You are so scantly clad with the lights on in the middle of the day! As your husband, completely dressed sits on the far chair just waiting for your visiter. If nothing else, I am glad of the way he is staring at my semi-exposed cleavage. Almost like when we first started dating. I do appreciate his new fascination with looking and admiring me. Almost makes me feel like I am appreciated again. Like I am truly wanted by the man I love. But at what price? You wonder as you feel the knots in your stomach start to tighten again with your nervous tension. Part of you hates him for asking you to do this, because despite of what he says about it spicing up your love life, it makes you feel as though if he truly felt about you the way he should. He would never want another man to look at you like this, let alone touch you. That is part of the reason you agreed to it in the first place, you just knowing he would back out, and maybe realize what he has. But he didn't and the stubbornness you was born with brought you here to the place you are. That and the realization somewhere in the back of your mind. The dark sexually suppressed side of your brain that you let come out to play on occasion, that recently you have discovered lately, has been spending more time out then suppressed inside. Has somehow brought about the carnal desire to feel another man deep inside you. When you first started looking for people on the internet website, you could have cared less, just knowing he would back out at any moment. but the more you read the stories, and the more you read the profiles. The more time you spent alone on the computer looking and reading a lot of really nasty things, the more you decided that you wanted to try this just as bad as he did, if not more. The person you was waiting on now, the first person you have decided to let inside you besides your husband since you made your vows . Was no where near the person you thought you would wish to try this with. He was younger then you by a few years, but looked younger then his age. At first with his semi innocent smile he looked to young to serve your purpose. But he was persistent, not pushy or bossy, just self assured, and patient very patient. And held an heir about him that told you his soul was far more advanced then his years, or appearance would suggest. Thats another thing, his appearance. Nice was what came to mind, with very impressive blue eyes that you could feel yourself getting lost into. He was not tall and lanky nor short or fat. but Muscular, not ripped but in a truly all american masculine way. In his photos he looked like a college football player rather then a baseball player as he has revealed in one of the late night chat sessions that hubby need not know about. a slight knock on the door, causes you to inhale sharply this is it you thought no backing out now. Your legs are week, you can;t move, you watch as your husband answers the door and shakes hands with a much more handsome man then you had pictured. Dressed in a suit, because of him just leaving the office he walks straight up to you, and looks at you with those impressive eyes. He smiles a warm friendly smile. and touches your hand and raises it to his mouth for a gentle kiss. Before saying hello, Oh my God, you thought, I didn't know men still did that. other then in romance novels. "May I have a seat?" Sure you hear your husband say in a sort of weird tone. Your throat was still to tight to speak, but you felt somewhat relieved to see this person who you had been thinking about for the past week or so sitting beside you. He gently placed his arm behind you and moved in a little close with no reaction. You could tell he was gauging your reaction as to how he would proceed. You felt weak and warm and excited, and he hadn't even touched you yet. Like he was reading your mind his arm slides a little lower and brushes against your neck. He has such strong hands and yet he is so gentle in the way he touches your neck. He smiles and tells you how beautiful you are to him. And how he is so impressed with the way you look. You feel yourself blush, and weakly say thank you. " I love the way you look. He says as he places his other hand on your thigh and rubs your leg through the nylon. you smile. knowing that your husband never seemed to notice when you would wear sexy things so you gave up on that years ago, but with brian, he had ask you to and you just felt like you wanted to please him, so you went out and bought a few things, even though you had your doubts if he would ever really see you in them. But his warm hands found there way from your neck to the side of your face where he rubs you gently with one hand and continues to rub your legs with the other, you could tell he was in no rush, and you loved it. you was not sure if you could go through with this with your husband watching, but the way brian made you feel, it was as if no one else on the planet existed but you and him and the soft couch that caressed you both nicely. He leans forward somewhat aggressively and kiss's you gently, making you feel warm and more ready then you thought you would be. you find yourself enjoying, and allowing his tongue to enter into your mouth. and you feel his hand start to caress your satin freshly shaved sex. witch is wet and starting to soak thru your panties. As his lips continue to caress yours his hands slip inside the corner of your panties and rubs you, making you want more then his tongue deep inside of you. You are helpless and feel so sexy with this strong man's hands on your body. You are surprised at how muscular and strong he is. You notice at one point Brian has removed his shirt and your enjoy rubbing your hands on his strong chest and arms, so tight and strong, making you feel so sexy. the double assault on your womanhood is driving your wild as you feel him rub your clit with his thumb and inserts two of his big fingers deep inside you rubbing your special Gspot. making your lips and body get hotter and swell with pleasure, you love your naked hard tips of your breasts as they rub against his mainly chest. For a moment you you think wow, I have never felt like this then the pangs of guilt. then you block out everything else entirely but the throbbing you feel inside of you and how much you love the way he makes you feel. his arms raise you gently and rearranges you a little as brian slides your panties completely off. Then you watch as his lips leave your neck then your breasts, and slides down around your navel and softly kiss's your thighs, and nipples and little on the inside part of your uncovered inner thigh. then gently slides his tongue over your sex to the other inner part of your leg and kiss's licks and sucks gently on it, Driving you wild, and causing you to realize your hands are trying to place his head on your sex. And he does not disappoint. and his tongue is amazing, with such a soft and rapid assault on first your lips and clit, not stopping but continuing to lick and and suck making your explode with orgasm in his mouth. witch amazes you. you push him away gently and take a deep breath, your heart is pounding, your body is on fire. And you are unaware of anything else. then you feel a hardness rubbing your hand, A nice hardness, with your eyes closed you feel the warm throbbing member on the back of your hand. you gently grasp it and rub it, loving the feel of this mans manhood in your hand. you pull him a little and he must have straddled your face cause you feel it bumping against your check, And you want to please this man, you feel like you must. you want to make him feel great, the way he makes you feel. You hear your husband say, " she doesn't do that". While you open your lips and allow brian to enter. The spongy hardness doesn't;t really taste bad, but the warmth in your mouth feels great. Your tongue gently caress his head and your taste the pre-cum which strict you as a bit salty but not in a bad way. it makes you feel sexy and you like the taste and you feel him start to gently at first fuck your face, then more aggressively he raises your hands above your head making you feel even more helpless, even more sexy and submissive. You are so hot and so excited you want him inside you more then anything and as if reading your mind the assault on your lips stops. and you look as brian lowers himself on your body. You hear your husband somewhere in the background say wear a condemn, And you see brian start to roll one on his hard throbbing cock, which is a bit thicker then you are use to. you are set hot and wet and feel Brian's knob gently rub your clit playfully before moving to your entrance. you say wait and brian stops. YOU see your hands reach down and grasp Brian's cock, and removing the repulsive rubber. You want to feel him inside you fully naturally. and you pull him towards your entrance. a word is not said as brian reaches down and kiss's your lips, and you allow his tongue enter you as his cock slides slowly inside of you while you stretch to accommodate his well endowed member. he goes slowly pushing inside you and you still gasp as he hits your cervix, with his weapon, he is not fully inside you but you are full, as brian begins to slowly at first then more rapidly pound your insides. He moves you in different positions, and takes you the way he wants you, and you love it, you don't think you just fully enjoy his assault on your cunt. ho you occasionally moan and hear your breathing, and the sounds of enjoyment coming from brian, after 30 minutes of fucking you like you have never been fucked before, Brian's hard sweaty body leans down and whispers in your ear, where do you want to feel me cum baby? You reply, Wherever you want baby and kiss his lips as your feel him swell even harder inside you and you orgasm again, you have lost count at this point as what seems like globs of warmth flush and feel your insides, You feel so warm and lovely and then a little empty as brian softens and withdraws his member from you, not a word is spoken as he dress's and then gently kiss;s and whispers in your ear how wonderful you are, and how much he is looking forward to seeing you the next time. You manage a smile as he walks out the door. you look over and see your husband for the first time he is completely naked and you see his spent member lying limply as a lot of dry cum on his belly, where he obviously got off more then once during his view of his wife being taken by a stranger for the first time, you pull your panties up in an attempt to keep brian inside of you as long as possible and you lay back down, closing your eyes, as you pull a blanket over your tired and used body, feeling better and more relaxed then you have in a long time, You speak not a word as you fall into a lovely dream of your first encounter.

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wow.... we would love to read more from should do this professionally..your great..thank you

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