Water Torture & Ice Play  

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Water Torture & Ice Play

Water Torture (interpret this in any way you prefer) in its many varied forms is increasing in popularity lately. Water is an inherently sensual substance and if your play has become more and more routine then it is a fast and easy way to add an entirely new dimension to your "facilities".

It is also great fun for you gear heads out there as building various apparatus yourself is affordable, moderately complicated, and of course rewarding!

However this is not a how to guide on specific equipment, nor is it a discussion of any specific technique or techniques. It is instead a few simple reminders and or warnings about potential complications that can occur when using all of the above. Much of it is applicable to any run of the mill sexual encounter.

This is the part where everyone learns that my personality is consumed by two things, Science and S&M. A strange combination to some, but I don't believe so.

Water Do's and Don'ts

1.) Do incorporate water into your play time. Vary the temperature for a variety of affects. Simple warm water can do many amazing things.

2.) Do use clean and sterile water please, and change it often. The last thing you want is your partner or friend to become ill from your play time.

3.) Do not submerge skin for more than 6 hours. Although your skin is a very resilient structure, exposure or submersion times greater than 6 hours can have many unwanted affects (anyone who has stayed in the pool too long can tell you this). Mind that this is erring on the side of caution, a good policy to have.

4.) Do not treat water with chemicals in an attempt to avoid changing it (lazy & dangerous). On another site, I will not mention the name, it was suggested that mixing Hydrogen Peroxide in a 1% solution was a good method of extending the life of water in tanks. Under NO circumstances should this be done. The end affect will horrify you and your partners. If you want to look like a zombie from one of today's popular horror films then by all means go ahead...So again do not use ANY chemicals unless you are very familiar with their effects. Better yet, just don't use any.

5.) Do watch the pressure! If using a stream of water for any reason monitor the pressure. Any pressure over 100 psi can and will cause an injection injury. An injection injury will cause necrosis (death) of the surrounding tissues at best and actual death at worst. Also be aware that the longer someone's skin is submerged the less tolerance it has for pressure (water massage ect. , im about pleasure too people).

Ice Play & Ice Submersion Do's & Don'ts

This is much more dangerous than you may think. If you and your partner/partners decide to experiment with these techniques then you need to do your homework.

1.) Do use small pieces of ice as a stimulus for short periods of time.

2.) Do Not leave a piece of ice on any extremity or submerge any extremity in an ice bath for longer than 8 minutes. Tissue necrosis is likely.

3.) Do NOT! submerge the entire body or body core into an ice bath EVER! Unless you feel like explaining to the authorities that you really didn't know that it could cause your friend's heart to stop! Or my favorite, you knew and just ignored it because you thought that you and your friend were tougher than that. Regardless of age, body type, and previous exposure this can and will cause sudden cardiac arrest.

4.) Do throw a bucket of ice water on someone for any reason. Lots of fun anytime, anywhere.

5.) Do NOT! submerge the face or head in an ice bath for any significant amount of time. Multiple complications here. First, if ice water enters the ear on one side and not the other you will produce instant vertigo (unless of course you are trying to do this). Second, by submerging the face in an ice bath you stimulate the mammalian dive reflex. In not so technical terms you will experience a drop in blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate. This can lead to dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and cardiac arrest in rare cases.

A special note to older individuals. The 1% rule is in effect. Remember that every year past age 30 your entire body looses 1% of its ability to do everything. Including the regulation of temperature. So a 30-40 year old isn't experiencing a significant reduction but hit the 50s and you need to decrease exposure accordingly.


That took longer than I thought. And that's going to be my scholarly contribution for some time to come.

In closing, be safe and use common sense.



Yours in Pleasure
Yours in Pain

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