Newbie Time for the Midlife Rebels  

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8/8/2005 4:19 pm

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Newbie Time for the Midlife Rebels

After weeks of tire kicking, profile ogling and chatroom lurking, we've finally reached the point where we're comfortable with what we want and who we're looking for. And it's been like a high colonic for our relationship too. We're feeling friskier and more energetic than we have in years. So even if we never meet the 'magic couple', we'll consider the whole venture a success.

But that's the key, isn't it? The magic couple. We've been talking to loads of people here. And we've been getting different opinions from each of them. (You'd almost swear that each and every profile on AdultFriendFinder belongs to a completely different human being with their own independent opinions and agendas. Go figure.)

Some people are looking for lots of strings-free encounters. There's same room, separate room, full swap, half swap, soft swap. Javajobs and popunders. It's almost as difficult a menu to figure out as the coffee options at Starbucks. But we think we have it figured out. At least, we know what we think we want. Once the lights go down and the slurping starts, all bets are off.

So in the interests of making this blog interactive, and getting some corroborating input, I've got a question, particularly for those of you who got into the lifestyle after 10 or more years of marriage to help spice up the next few decades.

Did you just jump right in and start sexperimenting with whoever would have you, or did you spend some time looking for a really comfortable fit? And if you had to do your first time all over again, would you do it the same way or would you change it?

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