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UnlitMaserSaxon 55M/53F
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1/23/2006 9:25 pm

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Bloggity Bop

I read the other day about a certain bloggeress (bloggetrix? bloggarina?) who lamented the fact that she had never been pounded through the floorboards by a blogger. She wasn't complaining about a lack of enthusiasm from my word-wise bretheren. There haven't even been any attempts. (For the details, visit saddletrampsk) And while it certainly sounded like a challenge being laid down, it also got me thinking.

Just how many guys out in blog land have gotten laid because of their blog? (I don't ask the question about lady bloggers because, quite frankly, there's just no challenge to getting laid when you're female.)

So how about it guys? Ever dipped your quill in the ink pot of some prose-fetishist text mamma?

Of course, there may be a clue to Saddletramp's problem in the fact that when this lonely and sexy woman cried out to become the personal trampoline of any nearby male bloggers, my only reaction was to wonder how I can turn it into a blog posting of my own.

Blogging is a disease. It is taking the minds of literate males off their primal urges and channeling it into textual masturbation. Soon, only illiterate men will be getting laid. The gene pool will wither and die. Mankind is doomed. Just say no to blogging. Or else fuck a blogger real soon. Somehow, the madness has to end.

saddletrampsk 55F

1/24/2006 10:11 am

Im glad you are able to take my posts as they were intended..tongue in cheek..
I know alot of men that have been laid due to their blogs..and also in spite of them..
Blog on Avenger and Avengerette..

LustyTaurus 49M
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2/1/2006 5:13 pm

As soon as I get within striking distance me an saddletrampsk are going for a beer. Then maybe we can check out those floor boards. Don't believe me?

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