X-Men 3  

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5/31/2006 4:09 pm

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6/14/2006 8:18 pm

X-Men 3

I paid $6.50 yesterday to see it and I was severely pleased. I've been a fan of the X-men and collected the comics back when Jim Lee was the artist. My interest dwindled as some pretty horrid artists came on board and the story lines started going down the crapper, so I stopped. All of the X-Men movies have been surprisingly well made and it will be a movie set that I will actually buy on DVD.

If I were a mutant I'd want to be Wolverine. He is my favorite and an all-around badass. Though he isn't technically a mutant since he was made into what he now is as a result of the Weapon X program.

If you could be any mutant in the X-Men line of comics, good, evil, or indifferent, who would it be?

GossipJunkie 41F

5/31/2006 6:12 pm

I don't know which mutant I'd want to be but any of the ones that get naked with Hugh Jackman will do well for me.

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