The massage  

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2/7/2006 6:35 pm

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The massage

Laying there, feeling her touch. Caressing me, massaging me. Eyes closed, feeling the lotion through her fingers on my legs. One leg at a time, then my back, my arms and my neck. Realeasing all the tention of the day. I hear her tell me softly, turn over. Taking her fingers rubbing my neck from the underneath, rubbing my neck. I felt as if I was floating on clouds. I feel her go down to my legs, taking one at a time, caressing, massaging. Feeling her kiss the inner of my thighs, taking her time, making me wet. Moving in the middle of my legs, she placed herself there. Caresses here and there, liking my legs and thighs. I wanted her to lick my pussy, I wanted her to fuck me with her finger. She took her fingers and seperated my pussy lips, then took her tounge and inserted it in my hole. I jumped at the surprise. Licking me up and down as if my pussy was a lollie pop. It felt so good. She was taking in all my liquids as if she were thirsty. I didn't realize I was moaning loudly until she asked me if I liked what she was doing to me. I told her I loved what she was doing to me. She told me to relax, as I layed my head back down. She put a finger in me and began fucking me, in and out, licking my clit. I wanted more. I assured her with my moaning, oh yea. She must have known I was close to orgasim. She slowed in moving her finger in and out of me, but kept her rythim on my clit. Making my body jump here and there with her movements. I felt the build up, oh I was so close. I didn't realize I told her I was close to orgasim. She kept moving her tounge over my clit, the orgasim came, she didn't stop until she felt my body relax. She came by my side and layed down next to me. I Caressed her head, and her hair. Kissing her deeply, tasting the liquids that came from me.

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2/7/2006 7:32 pm

got me panting /8

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