Dream or no dream!  

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3/18/2006 4:51 pm

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Dream or no dream!

It's dark in the room, other than the light comming in from the curtains. I awake knowing she should be arriving soon. The antisipation is getting to me, I move my hands seductively over my breasts as she would. Closing my eyes I immagine her hands touching me, moving all over my body softly, seductively. I move my hands to her hair. Immagining her jet black curly hair, those green eyes looking into mine. Her long lean naked body one leg over mine. Her soft kisses on my lips, leaving me wanting more when she stops to look into my eyes. I breath in her sent, it lingers about around my head. She moves her hand down between my legs finding the very essance of my wanting her. Moveing her hand slowly in circles around my cropped hair. In between my thighs, down to my knee, moving to my other leg, moving up from my knee to my inner thigh, back again to my wetness. My breathing becomes quicker as she lingers, moving a finger between my pussy lips. Not touching my hard clit, I want that so badly. She looks into my eyes again and smiles. I look into those green eyes and tell her not to tease me. She moves down my body kissing my nipples, sucking on them slightly. Moving down to my stomach kissing my sides. Down to my inner thigh. Mmmmm I hear her say. I wonder what I should do first? Kiss your thighs and then your pussy or should I just lick you all over? I sigh hard, asking her to lick me where I want it most. She smiles and licks the outer lips of my pussy. Slowly at first then faster. I hear her sultry voice, I want you so badly right now, I can taste you, even without tasting. I tell her, Why wait? She smiles, I feel her tounge deeply within my pussy. Licking me as if she wasn't going to stop, she needed every bit of my wetness in her mouth. Grabbing the side of the bed, knuckles turning white within minutes. Enjoying all she is doing to me, she moves to my clit now, making it hard. Making circles with her tounge. Licking up and down to my pussy hole and back up again. She knows what I like. Whithin minutes I feel close to orgasim. She knows I'm close and slows her pace. Her hands roam toward my breasts, pinching them both. I move my hands to hers and caress them. I look down to her, as she looks up at me. I moan, telling her, You are making me feel so good, please don't stop. She smiles her devilish smile and continues. I hear her moan as she takes the first lick of my come. Moving her tounge as before, up and down over and over. My wetness along with the wetness of her tounge. Slowly she and I climb to the heavens as she brings me to orgasim. She holds me, laying beside me. Kissing my side softly, kissing my neck, she lays on top of me. Moving my legs so hers are in the middle. She moves her hand down to find the wetness and trobbing of my clit. Mmmmm, feeling good still? I gasp as she slightly touches my clit, Yes. She looks at me and asks, Do you trust me? I nod my head yes. No, do you trust me, tell me? I manage to say Yes. Good, then relax. I lay still, starting to relax my muscles. She nuzzles my neck, as the warm feeling in my stomach returns. Moving from one side to the other, she smiles at me. Not stopping she kisses my neck on the other side. Moving her hand inside me, I gasp. I hear her, Shhhhh, trust me. I relax again and let her move in and out of me. Slowly at first, then quickening her pace. Tell me if I'm hurting you? Her sultry vioce says. She moves her body against mine, her finger follows her movements. Faster and faster oh it feels sooo good. I am moaning with delight. She continues to fuck me with her finger, moving her hips into mine. This time my orgasim starts slowly and begins to climb. I climax and meet her finger with my hips. I come on her finger, orgasiming for the second time. Sweating now, our breathing is hard. We look at each other and smile, knowing after resting we will make love again. I awake moving my hands around my breasts. Was she really there? I awake, moveing my hand to her side of the bed. I feel her soft lean body next to mine. Oh yes, I remember, she came in, found me fondling myself, joining me, making love to me. I slowly wake her with kisses. Her green eyes greet mine as I run my fingers through her jet black curly hair. Caressing her, I ask, You ready for round two? She smiles at me and deeply kisses me. Once again we share our time together, knowing it will come to a end, meeting again next week for some intamate fun.

musthavecurves 49M

5/26/2007 3:45 pm

Nice.Must be nice to have that kind of excitement.

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