I fall down the rabbit hole  

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4/19/2006 8:12 pm

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I fall down the rabbit hole

I have been involved with on line communications most of my working life. I'm a slave to E-mail for work, do teleconferences all day long and know about much of the technology behind all this. But, I have never really used it in my personal life.

I'm an introvert by nature and extroverts seem to rule here. When I have looked into a chat room it all flies by so fast. The comments seem so inane - "Studly - Hey, Babe"; "HotBabe - Oooh, Studly" and on and on. I try to follow it but it never makes sense to me.

Desperate and bored, I thought I should try again. Maybe I'll "get it" this time. I land on this site.

The obvious come ons here are the profiles and pictures. Oooooh - in my town there's a lady/couple/guy/group doing what I've always wanted to do. I've never met them - here's a chance. Curious.

I start with winks and E-mail and the obvious, "Are you interested?" stuff. But that's not going anywhere very fast so I explore and find a wider number of ways to interact. The overall experience still seems odd, yet here I am posting a blog (which I've never done before).

Then I run across web cams. Curiouser and curiouser.

Here are people before their computers casting their image into the net and looking for a response. Fat guys jerking off. A lady and her toys. Couples fucking. An older person dancing in a sexy outfit for the camera and having a great time (I don't want to make anyone feel bad, but think of a Monty Python sketch or John Cleese in the remake of the "Out of Towners".) Maybe just casting the image is the point - exhibitionism to be expected, I suppose.

But there are also women in modest but easily removed (as if they hope to be asked) lingerie gazing intently at their screen. A couple quietly sitting together. Her gown is half open; he is naked. She holds his dick, but its not exactly hard - and again they both gaze at the screen. A guy leaned back in his computer chair, thinking, gazing at the screen. Their web cams are on but they hardly move because they are so intent on the screen. Intent on words - they are clearly reading. How does that replace gazing into our lover's eyes? How does that substitute for sex with the bed soaked, the scent of sex everywhere, that pounding gallop to climax, and the spent, warm feeling afterwards?

I came looking for sex, and I'm still looking for sex, but now I see a larger journey to be made.

There are thousands of otherwise nondescript people in cities, towns and villages everywhere sitting naked in front of their computers. 100's of thousands trollng these sites. Imagining their fantasies. Looking for something beyond their normal life - acceptance, desirability, control, submission, adventure, escape, relationships, quickies, lovers, fuck buddies, sex.

We hope we can connect, or maybe escape. Through our computer. Through our web browser. What are we looking for?

Curious - Blue27541

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4/19/2006 11:50 pm

welcome to the blogz

and .... many never know

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