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7/1/2006 1:46 am

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Summertime fun

What can I tell you, it's getting hot and the Doggers should soon be out and about if not already. I've stumbled across a few new friends recently who are ready and willing to meet up and form groups for fucking. Had my share of cock recently too, still missing that extra bit of ladies nether regions and breasts.
Noticed one or two new members coming in, sending winks, occasional mails and offers of a meet, the nremoving themselves completely. This hasn't just been happening to me, but most of my male friends too, and it seems a similar theme, 18 year old, supposedly, voracious appetite for sex, do anything anywhere, then no show and no longer a member. We've got to be vigilant with the younger people, I understand that, and caution is the best option, fo both parties, but being safe and genuine is okay, if the other person shows. Anyway, enough moaning.
I'finished my full time employment this last month, due to poor health (no diseases to concern anyone with, its Meniers, look it up,.) It prevents me from driving, which is a killer on the visiting scene, which I di a lot of back in the summer last year. So for those with a sympathetic edge, I can't get out as much as I used too, but I can still fuck like a rabbit, and I'm able to accommodate you.
Nantwich is in bloom this year, and there are many woodland areas round and about for those of you who'd like to spend a day in the woods with me and a bottle of wine, and a sex. Lots of places with parking too, and in the daytime, everybody's at work and there's no-one around to disturb us.
If anyones interested, you know where to find me.
All my contact details are at the bottom of my profile, so go for it.
I'll write again in a few months time.



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