Something from the weekend boredom!  

rm_Blinded1969 40M
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9/11/2006 3:46 am
Something from the weekend boredom!

Letting go is the hardest thing, i know. Like this bullet pierces through my skull. In the end
i love the feel of steel in my heart. Like i love the bitter taste of your kiss, natural bliss. I'm a sucker for a happy ending, interrupted by a nightmare. Here comes love chivalry. Take a knife to your wrists & make a bloodbath, cut it deep it's the new thing baby please make this last forever, you're the latest fashion theme. I'm in line for the murder, first come first served. You aim from across the hall, your vision blurred. Is this what you want from me? To hear me scream? I'll die suddenly, my blood on your hands, i'll die a tragedy you'll live in fame. Here comes the last masquerade, we need a doctor baby, don't you just love a good time? I FUCKING DO! I can't sleep tonight. Stab me, directly in the heart. Watch me bleed; I'm lying on your feet. Dying, living for just one last breath with you! I live, for you and only you. Stop lying; you know I'd lie with you. We're dying on the inside, You're smiling on the outside. Settle the score. Nothing to see here outlined in white, just the red on the carpet
the scene of the crime. The devil made you do it
WHY DO IT JUST FOR THE FASHION? where oh where has my baby been? i would die to hear your voice
you've been gone so long. i cant feel you and your hand on my heart beating true, did you think i'd live without you? you belonged to me
i miss your face, i lost my place, i lost my faith! See through the wreckage, Into the fire, Inside my heart. Bullet to the head. Soon you'll be sleeping, Pull this trigger to your antidote.
She's dressed to kill, I don't know what to wear.
She had the eyes of an angel, With a heart like a traitor. And a gun with a trigger, In her hand pointed at her. We always knew you'd go up in flames. We always knew you'd go out with a bang!
We're going nowhere fast. Your just jealous!

Crazy im not!

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