I just got back ....  

rm_Blinded1969 40M
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7/26/2006 11:47 am

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10/9/2006 7:17 am

I just got back ....

yeap, i had a lil date with the ex... we had dinner, had a couple of drinks... the topic was not abt us at first. It was mainly abt work and life so-on and so forth...

Yes she popped the question "have you reconsidered getting us back together?" no i didnt gave her any ans i just smiled... she go on abt how she miss the time we had before "that" incident. You know that kinda talk.. i really miss that too. But when i think abt what she did. my heart really sank. i really2 want her so much and at the same time hate the fact that she cheated on me.. yes2 i know i cheated before but to me its a totally different case as she didnt know anything abt it at all........... am i being fair? ego? i dunno these questions have bn playing in my head for awhile now.. i mean, its not like as if i didnt do anything behind her back before.. shit im really2 confused.. should i just reconcile? get back in the relationship with her? im lost now... and so the day ended with us taking a different cab home... in the cab i thought ...should i? can i trust her agn? will the relationship be the same agn? i tried to weigh the pros n cons. but still too lost to come up with a decision... but i thought abt cara 1/2 of the journey home... Cara, do you wanna be my fuck bud? i thought abt it in the cab.. i should just ask her, there's nothing to lose like what those girls said... i should learn how to take rejections huh? ok thn... so "Cara, yes? no? you know, be my sex bud?" it may sound too inappropriate or too direct but there, i asked ... gotta sleep now... been thinking of cara too much, im a lil tipsy and just finish my last can of kilkenny beer i bought yesterday..so yeah goodnite all~

Have a fuckin wet dream.. oy yeah cara... dream abt me down on you! LMFAO! ~ToodlES~

goodtry 56M
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7/26/2006 7:08 pm

There don't seem to be any answer to your question. Actually both of you were heading no where. Indeed human are selfish and self center. I think the love you are talking were two different things altogether. You just want to own her as yours and you feel uneasy when she has been with someone before. I do agree certainly, don't know what I will do if I am at your position.

Again you mention you do go around with others but it's different because she doesn't know, then in this case you are too selfish, if you can do it why not her.... you claim you want a fuck buddy well maybe you just said for the sake of it then why not she.

This is something that you have to sort our yourself, too much ambiguities surrounding your thoughts because you say you love a person, and you want to totally own and control the person but you also want complete advantage to be at your end hmmmm, not sure how you want this to work out. Everything seems to be centre around yourself. It becomes a I, me and myself situation.

For the time being I guess your relationship with your gf can just temporarily stay status quo, there is nothing much both of you can do until you all get your thoughts firm up.

I am sorry I my comment may have hurt you.

happyladychat 48F
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7/26/2006 8:05 pm

Young Lad... sorry for being crude, but after reading your post, I don't think you love your girlfriend. If you love her, you wouldn't have termed her ex... and you would have given her a second chance by now. Nope... you don't love her or at least... not enough.

However, you are missing your ex because you have not scored your next target. If Cara were to ask you to have a clean cut with your ex so that you might slept with her, probably you'll jump into the offer.

Anyway, you don't seem to wanna settle down... so having a girlfriend to you may just be a convenience or good to have. More important to you now probably is a good fuck, since your hormone is running wild. If the hormone is too much for you, self service or go pickup someone for ONS. It will clear your lusty mind.

Perhaps I'm old fashioned... pursuing someone openly because you are interested in her and would like to court her can be considered a macho act. But asking a lady to be purely your fuck buddy... doesn't seem too respectful to me.

MOOD: not impressed

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GirlzAllies 40G
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7/27/2006 12:10 am

Getting back together with an ex is a NO! NO!. Especially when one partner caught the other cheating. You can never find that trust you had before that one incidence. So don't even consider it.
Hey.. maybe you could ask your ex to be your fuck buddy instead.

P.S.>> Blinded, you're not going to get an answer from cara this way, it's too embarassing. Send her a personal email instead ya.

Girlz..... just wanna have fun....

rm_Blinded1969 40M
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7/27/2006 3:34 am

Maybe all of ya'll are ryte.....

Goodtry, nah you didnt hurt me a bit.. heart and brain is all numb. So yeah i wont feel a pinch... but hey... you and yr words really2 got me thinking all the time. i respect that and i respect you as a person and i sincerely respect yr views and comment..

HLC, yes i termed her ex. coz yes we split 2 ways. if i dont love her, would i be feeling what i felt last nite? i was dazed and confused abt everything around me n my life. there are more than just lust and raging hormone around me. And yes did i mention "i hafta learn how to take rejection?" bcoz i know, cara wont agree to it. thats y i asked. For the sake of asking that is. and perhaps i dont know cara well but i know she wont ask me to have a clean cut with my ex just to get her laid. And di i even say "IT may sound inappropriate?" i did...im not being disrespectful, im just being straight forward, rather than be who i am not now n once we get down on it, im a totally different person. know what i mean? im a straight up direct person. i say what that is need to. you have yr say, now thats mine...

Girlz, thanks for dropping by, and btw.....i do agree with you that its difficult to trust that someone agn. it can never be da same.. my ex to be m fuck bud? nah, next pls...... abt that ans from cara.. i already know the answer be it an e-mail or in the open..and its still gonna be a "NO", no matter what...

happyladychat 48F
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7/27/2006 4:03 am

hmmm... I think I might be wee too busy and a little harsh with my comment. My apology.

Take care.

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poison_syrup 44F
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7/27/2006 9:11 am

Only time can tell... the effects of deceit can last for a long time. Let nature takes it course.

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