Drastic change?  

rm_Blinded1969 40M
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8/22/2006 3:45 am

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9/11/2006 2:57 am

Drastic change?

Ive bn working in thos company for some years now..Im thinking of quitting..Been thinking aot lately. Its all because of the frequent trip i hafta make to Indonesia and Malaysia because of my band. Our month break is over and now its back to more promo's and roadshows. Come mid September we have a performance at Kallang Theatre. And from then on, till January 07' it will be hectic for the band. End of Sept we have a recording at KL for the "Hari Raya" Cd. And then off to Batam. Its a fasting month!! And a small break during Hari Raya and thn off to Promo again starting from Riau Island. Various promotions and roadshows here and there. Oh yah and a lil tour with this Popular indon band name "Samson" (To be confirmed) And then off to Malaysia in Dec, for the same kinda promo and roadshow. A band tour with this band "XPDC" from malaysia. 13 state altogether. (To be confirmed too)

Ok, quit or not, i know i hafta. But there's always a "What if" ryte? Yeah what if my band didnt make it? I need a backup plan ryte? I dont wanna be jobless. Talked to my parents and my dad said "you can always join the family buisness ryte?" OK, simple and yet true. But here's the thing, i dont even clean my own room, how the hell am i gonna clean other place? Yes my family runs a cleaning company for the past 10-12 years.

Nope i havent agree to it yet...talked to my gf over the weekend. And what she said makes sense too. Its not abt having a tie, shirt and pants on, its abt working and earning you are not stealing nor cheating. So what if you have to hold a broomstick and a mop? Look at your parent, do they have enuff to eat? pay the bills? pay their workers? and not forgetting, making you what you are now? Me as a person personally have never looked down on what a person do for a living, or how much they earn or whatsoever, im not a "you aint my status , so dont come near me" kinda person. NAH im never like that. I have secondary school friend who is working as a cleaner at Centrepoint. ITs a big and huge sacrifice i hafta to make in order for me to chase this once in a lifetime dream and opportunity. I'll miss my workplace, I'll miss VICKY!!! i'll miss those tits! (she's a flasher after 7 when no'one is around LO, My so-ever understanding boss (Mr Thomas Wee), My colleagues, my clients, Kimberly the accountant whom i shagged last christmas and now and then nowadays in the exec toilet. Sarah, the secretary from operation department who never fail to show her cleavage everyday, Azurah the receptionist, my liar to the clients lol..The coffe auntie (Auntie Lucy), who never fail to bring me breakfast everyday, even on a saturday, her off day..poor a'ma. My cubicle! OH MAN!!!

So wassup? what should i do? Should i trade in the shirt anf d pants for a pair of jeans and a uniform? Should i trade in my comp and printers for a mop and broom? Should i trade in my porject co-ord post for a cleaner? Should i trade in my paycheck for a lesser one? Should i trade in my future for my dream?

GirlzAllies 40G
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8/22/2006 6:46 pm


It's easier now since your are young. There is no family commitments to hold you back too. Dreams may only come once, so take that opportunity.

Don't worry about the ifs'. There will always be jobs around if you are not choosy. Yes, the pay might not be that attractive but you'll be able to pick-up.

The idea of helping your parents or even starting your own business is the best option if you want a more flexible time. Being boss, you don't have to do the job yourself, let others do the dirty work. And if you become a celebrity one day, that status will help spear head your business too. Take the opportunity and network. Wish you the best.

Girlz..... just wanna have fun....

goodtry 56M
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8/22/2006 9:00 pm

You mean other than the band and your family business there is no where you can go. This is not possible, it is a matter of what you want to do rather than where you can go.

If you love band then maybe you can join some other local band that has lesser overseas travel.

It is true that after some time working in the same environment and the doing the same thing you got sick of it. If you are worry of your pay check figures then going back into band business will only make sense.

I have seen a guy he retired and take up a job as a cleaner swiping the floor daily and as a car washer when he is free. He is a very nice guy, love his job and do it well. I use to call him uncle when I met him around my place swiping the floor. It is not that hat he needs the money.

rm_Blinded1969 40M
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8/23/2006 3:33 am

Thank you thank you thank you......

Dreams i will chase thn....

Sas... im in luv with you! LOL... you the best bitch!

Girlz....yeap i will do it. i shall counter my dad's proposal.. i shall tell him, i will join the company but not as a cleaner.. perhaps, someone who runs in the office.. hehehe ..... im'na date you out sometime.. LOL

GOODTRY! man, thanks bro. but yes i do need the money, for future use... the dreams i'll chase, but being in this band and goin overseas and being well known ehem a celebrity is my dream. but to work in a music industry? nah! being in a band is better than working in the same industry... anywHoooo, i always listen to my personal shrink... (so how much is the fee again?) LOL <

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