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10/22/2005 12:05 am

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Getting started

Where is it? By "it" I mean that one place, that one thing that offers a guaranteed trip to the promised land. How to I get from point A to point B in this whole Friendfinder arena? How does a married man (I freely admit it) find the road to true sexual happiness? I have been blessed with a mind driven to flights of fancy which lasts for days at a time. I am now in the position of trying to fulfill just a couple of those fantasies. I don't mean the complex, multi-leveled, seven-dimensional version, but rather the basic get screwed by a complete stranger in a straight sex-for-sex-sake scenario. I'm sure there a people out there who have been into this for a while and whose skill at navigating these waters could very well be the stuff of which legends are made. I ask only that I am allowed to tap into this knowledge base in an effort to avoid the possible pitfalls that could keep me from the woman/women capable of escalating level by level in my ever-expanding realm of desire.

Actually this is not as far fetched as it sounds; this expanding surreal fantasy world. The longer the delay in satisfying the simplest of these longings the greater my mind's efforts to compensate by creating more and more intricate dreams. The locations, the women, the number of women - heck, the number of men (all hetero I might add)- have all increased.

One question before I go: do guys who talk like this, think like this or give off this vibe ever get laid by anyone in any of the ads in Friendfinder? If I DO, I'll let you know.

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