The Drama Continues: Let the Lava flow and the Ash fall...  

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6/29/2005 5:27 pm

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The Drama Continues: Let the Lava flow and the Ash fall...

Last night I was in a Y!hoo chat room (shout out to ya Black Y! Pplz) til about 2am, and I met the sweetest lil thing from out in GA somewhere. We talked online for about an hour and a half and decided to exchange numbers. Then we talked on the phone for about an hour before we both said goodnight. The convo was good, and then rocky at some points, but overall it was a good experience (at one point she was touching herself while I stroked my d!ck, but no one orgasmed, and for some reason, that was ok...)

She's married, or attached, I think. But not married. Iunno *shrugs* but that's what she said. They're seperated, but I think they're living together (I think so, cuz he has access to the place...), probably one of those "for-the-baby's-sake" situations.... oh yeah she has a child too.

While I was on the phone with her, my god-daughter's mother comes in my room drunk as hell crying to me about her baby's father and the drama he's causing. She wanted me to hold her while she softly sobbed as I continued my conversation wit Belle. (I call the girl from GA PeachyBelle, cuz she's a Georgia Peach and a Southern Belle.) Anyway, Belle sounded like she felt like asking me "who is that? Why is she all in ya bed this time of night?" Hmmmmm, do we sense a green-eyed monsta?

I woke up 8 o'clock this morning to the sound of my 16 year old cousin telling me that my god-daughters mother (yes the one from last night) was now in the hospital doubled over in pain, sweatin buckets, screamin for Jesus. Now, knowing my SiStar (that's whut I call my god-daughter's mother), and how reserved she is, her screamin ANYTHING for ANY reason is a big deal. So those of you who are even mildly religious, pray please.

Moving right along- I'm starting to wonder whether or not I'm going to renew my silver membership on AdultFriendFinder this month, I got more important things to worry about than this here dating site, besides, I've met more REALLY freaky women from free, regular homepage based site than I have from there. It seems to me that although all these ppl post pictures and say they're looking to hook up with someone in they're area, none of em are really bout it.
Well, no, I won't generalize like that cuz I know from reading blogs *smirk* and testimonials on girls' pages that there are some out there, but damn, why can't I find one. I'm easy to please. Be attractive, honest, clean, and intelligent. See, that's a short list. You can count the criteria on one hand if you had to.

-Sour Grapes-
You told your friends that I broke your heart, and used you for your love, / But never once did you dare to mention how you never wanted to hug. / You said I played you, hurt you, made you love me and then left, / And didn't tell them how you always found a way to make me stress. / You spread the news that I was foul, a cheatin piece of sh!t, / That's funny cuz I caught you out there catchin that stray d!ck. / Why even lie about the past if you're claimin you don't care? / Trying hard to tear me down, but I ain't never scared. / What don't come out in the fvckin wash, will be there in the rinse, / And even your friends know that sh!t you be talkin don't make no fvckin sense. / But understand that karma comes back a hundred fold on everyone that hates, / That's why your best friend ignored your warning, woke up with me this morning, and you got sour grapes.

Ah, that felt good. I love writing, hope you liked reading it.
V. I. R. G. O.
V-ersatile I-ntelligent R-espectble G-enuine O-riginal

Anything worth doing, is worth doing to perfection; Mediocrity is akin to Laziness, adored by Poverty, and hated by Prominence.

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