what a hard day  

rm_BlackMeat18 30M
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7/12/2006 1:56 pm

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8/7/2006 3:48 pm

what a hard day

Damn today was hard day, first i woke up all sore muscles aching everywhere, then it was hot as hell, then it rained that wasnt that bad actually. But my other working partner bitched out and i had dig up a mass of bricks and move em. I hope i never have to touch another brick after this job. I think im about to read a book about Dante Alighieri for those who dont know he wrote the divine comedy. Anyways im gonna go see the back of my eyelids, oh yeah Fuck the American League again damn micheal young peace

FUCKnnnnnnnnn60 35M

8/5/2006 6:49 pm

was it to hard for u sweety u look like tweety or shud i call u tom te cat ho`s hot hi i`am fucknnnnnnnnn60 i hope u no what it means baby how are u doing the way i see efreetinhg is looking good whit u sexy can u help me i have a problem do u wanne no then send me a mail lady and mabe i will read it cwick chick and oh noos mabe u cant help me out is that a plan or what pussy kat i like to...en do evreething wen i begin to stick...in O i have to go BlackMeat18 aal wahte for your call

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