Back from the Beach again  

rm_BlackMeat18 30M
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7/5/2006 2:09 pm
Back from the Beach again

Im finally back from the beach again. This time from hilton head on july 4th weekend just we werent there for july 4th. I never knew so much crazy shit could happen in a span of 10 hrs. first we got pulled ova by the cops for a supposed speeding. Half the people their didnt have over 20 dollars but we managed to get a 120 dollar hotel room that i didnt even sleep in. Well when we got their we swamn in the beach with some girls we met and no their were not any tops pulled off. Then we ate some cheap double cheeseburgers and then bought some beer to drink since over half of what we bought was almost gone by 830. Then we tried to get into some club but no one was 21 and i didnt want to go to a strip club. Then me and my friends went to chill at the holiday inn and saw some fine ass girls dont know where to begin, but then the cops came and then we never saw them again. And thats the second time the cops got called on us that night. Oh well im going to rest some more and hopefully met some more women tonight. Peace lata

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