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2/19/2006 2:51 pm

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OK - I said I was going to offer some discreet details regarding my hook-up this weekend. I also said I should have played this whole thing cool - somewhere something went wrong....

She and I had been corresponding, trading pictures and basically getting to know each other. (No problems there)

We had a few phone conversations and things really started heating up. (No problems there)

We made arrangements to meet last night (Saturday) for a few drinks and test each other out. Well, she shows up per our agreement but, with a 3 friends (all female). Of course, not knowing what to think I didn't mention anything about AdultFriendFinder or our planned intentions. We had a few drinks and when I got her alone I asked what our plans were for the night. She said she was going out partying with her friends and that she'd call me afterward....well, I was offended, but maintained my cool. I told her politely not to call me and that I'd call her. Well, around 4AM my phone rings - I didn't recognize the number but I suspected it was her, I answered. It was one of her friends from earlier in the night (obviously inebriated) she said I was a nice guy and to stay away from her friend b/c she was a psycho that would only cause me problems. Right then my other line rang - it was her (my "date"). She appologized for abandoning me for her friends and said that if I was still up, so was she. The only condition is that I would have to come and pick her up from a location about 20 miles from my house.... I told her I'd take a rain check and hung up. Her friend was still waiting and said that after they'd left me they'd gone out dancing where they'd met some guys they went to high school with. My "date" for the evening then got in an arguement with her friends about something that had happened in high school and left with the guys. (I presume this is where she wanted to be picked-up from). Anyway, I was too tired to listen to all the damn drama and politely hung-up. The moral of the story? I'm still trying to figure that out!

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