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2/14/2006 6:12 pm

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First off - Happy Valentine's Day - I'm sure a lot of you will be making the most of it

It looks like it's on for the weekend - after doing the dance for a few weeks we reached an agreement....

Of course, I should be ultra-cool about this - two consenting adults agreeing to spend some quality playtime together. However, I am excited!I usually know better than to making things bigger than they should be, but based on some very detailed conversations I think this upcoming weekend could be a true, quality, play session.

Why am I so enthused? Well:

We work well conversationally; Physically - she reminds me of the Vanity, Sheila E., Cindy Crawfordesque types I was so enamored of from the time I was 14 until.... Hell, until now!; Sexually - we share the same likes and dislikes; Timing - we're both career people who spend more time in the office than we like - this is the first weekend off in a long time for both of us. Background - She's from the area I am and went to the same undergrad school I did - albeit at a different time.

I'll be sure to update Sunday night with some discreet details!

Since I like interaction of all kinds - please let this blogger and his audience know - what was your last AdultFriendFinder hook-up like? OR, if new to this, what do you expect from your first one?

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