So many blogs now.  

rm_Bigcolby 41M
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2/20/2005 7:50 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

So many blogs now.

I just had a search thru all the Blogs that have been started. There are so many now, I think it will get to the point that, you will be lucky to get a link to your blog on the main page. It is still great reading thru everybody's different blogs. My fav so far by a mile is our dear anyhowdoll, she is just a hot chick full of lust. Wowsa. Mostly all her posts are very sexual. I think its great.

Another of my favorites is Almondnut, she has a totally different take on her blog, it reads alot more like her personal diary. I feel like I have sneeked into her private boudoir and opened the top drawer in her dresser. I finally get past her lacy underwear and get my hands on her secret thoughts. Mmmmm. I love it. Keep em cumming girls. You are doing a great service to mankind allover the world.

I notice also, there are lots of blogs that have been started but not yet filled with any info. I am sure there are a few more anyhowdoll's and Almondnut's, just waiting to come out of the woodwork and get all of us men enchanted, with there cheeky thoughts, wants and desires. Come on girls get on it! I cant wait

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