Vent 1  

rm_Bigboygrunt 35M
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4/13/2006 11:51 am
Vent 1

Through my eyes my hands are bloody,
I've walked through death my boots are muddy.
Through the heat of hell I feel my skin burn,
The lessons of life I hoped not to have learned.
Minefields Challenge every footstep I take,
Scarred from war my hands still shake.
I am so alone lost amongst the crowd,
Bright skies surround this darkened cloud.
I reach for help and no ones there,
You stand and look, not a face of care.
Why should I bring death for you to look,
Why should I suffer for the lives I took.
For you all this pain I embrace,
I cant even recognize my own face.
So you can have fun and enjoy your day's,
I'm the one stuck with the bill, I'm the one who pays.
The shit I deal with every day and night,
You have the nerve to walk up to me with your fist clenched tight.
Fuck you and everyone like you!
Your so fucking dumb, you dont have a clue.
My blood has died so you could live,
The respect I deserve is the respect you should give.
Pitty you and your soul,
When its me who has to pay this tole.

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