Domination by Desire, A Conquest of Fantasy  

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Domination by Desire, A Conquest of Fantasy

Here is a little BDSM erotica piecie I wrote up the other day.


“I kick in the door of her apartment easily, despite the deadbolt. My first kick is a bit weak, to get the feel of the door, and to startle her. It groans and splinters under my assault. Satisfied that it is no match for me, I deliver
the coup de grace, the door slamming hard into the wall as the jamb splinters and disintegrates around the deadbolt. The force of my second kick far greater than it has the strength
to withstand.

I know she is there, that she is waiting for me to have my way with her, but still it is fun to thrill them, to scare them-- To display my strength and power --(Though the trip to home
depot later is a pain.)

I step into the living room where she is standing, eyes wild with fear, and excitement. I exult in my physical strength and size. I am a large, strong man, all but unstoppable by delicious petite things like her; I smile, eyeing her hungrily.
I so fucking want hot young things like her, all smooth skin and taut body, inexperience and excitement, it’s like my favorite treat, Reese’s pieces, I want to eat the whole bag. Before she can stop biting her lip and utter some objection
or quail in her fear I hiss “Silence.” She is taken aback by the volume and force of my voice. I am usually so soft-spoken, more of a moderate tenor. This is a harsh guttural tone that
brooks no resistance. I step towards her. She stands with her arms folded in front of her, as if her fearful body language would move me to not take my pleasure with her. The way she
is worrying her lower lip belies her arms words though, she is excited. I, am filled with desire.

I stand still and calm a few moments, letting her relax, her fear to abate. When she seems to have relaxed a bit, I pounce, issuing even more forcefully a simple command, “Strip!” Before she can think to hesitate, I lean towards her a bit,
flaring my nostrils. She quickly reaches to remove the slinky black dress she is wearing. It has two angular cuts on the side, exposing her torso and part of her stomach, and falls lower on the left side, in an angular cut. She pulls it off of her shoulders, down past her breasts, I notice she unconsciously moves to cover her breasts with her hands as she does, the action of the dress and her hands causes her nipples to stiffen. She has fairly thick short nipples, and a small dark pink areola around them. I am pleased. I flare my nostrils again as she hesitates with the dress
at her waist. I take a half step, the dress falls to the floor around her ankles.

“Stand still, ” I say, walking around her admiring her body. She has small delicate shoulders, I lazily drag a couple of fingers across them, enjoying the smoothness of her tanned skin. She has long dark hair with blonde highlights. I take a lock of it between two fingers as I step behind her, I stroke idly, coming to stand close behind her. I let my hand fall from her hair to her shoulder. I move my hand towards her neck, pushing her hair to reveal the curve of her neck to me. I kiss it lightly, letting my tongue peck at it a few times. Then mouthing it, biting lightly, she moans a bit, curves her head towards me. I like that. I kiss her neck a bit more, alternating between that and her shoulder. When she is just getting into it, I make my move.

I quickly wrap my left hand lightly around her neck, and bending down slightly, reach my right hand down between her legs, nearly causing her to lose her footing as I reach up with my hand, my long middle finger and two others pressed against her mound, the center finding it’s way between
her labia, which are spread by the other two. My grip secure, I pick her up. I have her feet dangling a few inches off of the ground, held up by my arm between her legs. My fingers lascivious in there grip on her mound. I pull her head close
to mine with my left hand. A gentle but sure grip on her neck, one finger resting lightly on her carotid artery, I can feel her pulse racing in her fear and excitement. I hold her there a while, playing my fingers over her mound, in the pink between her labia. She moans under my ministrations, her pulse beating strongly under my fingers. My breath is hot in her ear when I whisper. “Are you ready to pleasure me, to submit to me, to quench my desire and satiate me?”
I curl my middle finger letting it plunge inside her, she is very warm, and wet. She moans again, my grip a touch tighter on her neck.

I lighten my grip on her throat, letting her turn to face me. She looks in my eyes, sees my desire. “Yes” she says huskily. I set her back down on the ground. Taking a step back, tasting my naughty finger, she is indeed sweet. I reach for her,
one arm wrapping around to molest her breasts, the other resting on her taut stomach, flitting down to rub her mound, giving it a light slap. I let her feel my hard cock pressing against her fine tight ass.

“Are you ready to get fucked? Are you read to wrap your wetness around me?” I say, leaving off her breasts to pull my hand back and grab her pulling her neck back so she has to look in my eyes.” “Say Yes” I say. “Yes” she says huskily. I smile.

Wrapping her hair around my fist, I use my arm to force her to bend over. After she is leaning down, her fine ass, tight with nice tanned cheeks facing me. I bend over and kiss her ass first on one cheek then the opposite. I lick her ass, making an x on each cheek. Then I bite down where I made the
x with my tongue, hard, marking her on each cheek. She gasps, her breathing getting a bit ragged. I stand up, running my hands down her cheeks to her inner thighs, forcing her legs apart. “Are you good and wet? Are you ready for my cock
slut?” “Yes, ” She says the words ragged in her throat from her excitement.

I deliver a hard slap to her ass, causing her to yelp. “The proper response is Yes Master; please fuck me like the whore I am.” I squeeze her ass cheek hard, and she repeats what I said, “Yes Master, please fuck me like the whore I am, ”she
squeaks out. I smile. “That’s a good little slut, my perfect little cock whore. Such a delicious little fuck toy for me.” I eye her body, legs spread apart, her hair brushing the floor as she is leaned over, looking back at me. I pull
my erect cock out, in preparation for plunging it into her slit.

I spread her pussy open, and press my head against her pink hole, pausing a moment to let her anticipation build. Then I push myself inside her. Her pussy is hot, steamy with her juices. I sigh, “mmmmmmmmhmm.” Once my cock is plunged
all the way inside her I reach for her waist, getting a good grip, bending my knees a bit. I then proceed to pound her pussy, using my full weight to thrust into her, causing her whole body to shudder, her breasts to quiver deliciously.
Her moans sound like the radio in a car as it drives through a hundread arches, the sound cutting out briefly each time I slam into her. My balls and my stomach are slapping into her, her pussy wet and opened up is making the sloppy delicious noises I love. She is moaning and breathing hard. I am slowly pushing her across the room.

I slow abruptly, the first hints of my orgasm coming on. I pull out of her partially, letting her catch her breath, I grab her arm and pull her to stand upright. I reach a hand around to turn her face to me. I kiss her lips, her neck, she
looks blissful. A continue this a few moments, pushing us closer to the wall in between kisses. Then I grab her by the neck abruptly slam her against the wall, startling her. I press myself against her pinning her there. I draw
her arms up above her head, holding her wrists in one hand. I use my other hand to force her legs apart, and pull her pelvis down, so I can enter her again.

I grab my cock and shove it inside her, using the motion to press her against the wall. I wrap one arm around her stomach and with the other hold her wrists above her head, and pinning her aginst my arm and the wall, start to lay into her again.
She is squirming. I have my arm against her tits as I press her into the wall, the moving it back down to her cunt to push against my thrusts. Her face is turned to the side, again her breathing grows ragged, interrupted by my thrusts
as I press her into the wall.

I do this a little while, enjoying making her squirm and bump against the wall a while. By her moaning I think she is close to having a orgasm. I let her get close and then abruptly stop, pulling out of her and stepping back. Grabbing one
of her wrists, I use it to turn her around and force her to her knees. “Time for you to suck my cock whore, ” I say.

I press on her hand where I have by the wrist, hissing. “Yes master, please let me suck your cock…” I say my eyes and the hold I have on her wrist indicating what I want. “Yes Master,
please let me suck your cock.” She says the hint of tears in her eyes. I smile a predatory smile, releasing her wrist and motion her to suck my cock.

I let her take it in her mouth on her own, sucking it as she feels appropriate. “Look in my eyes while you suck my cock, slut, ” I bark. Her eyes snap up at me, as I take the opportunity
to grab her by the hair and shove my cock all the way down her throat. I grab her by the chin and proceed to face fuck her for a while, enjoying it as she starts a to gag a bit.

“That’s a good little cock whore, all your holes are for me to shove my cock in…” I say through gritted teeth as my orgasm builds again. “mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmm” she agrees. “She’s learning, ” I think to myself. I let her continue,
starting to drive into her throat as I approach my orgasm. I reach down and pull my cock out of her mouth, reach my left hand down to raise her face to me by the chin. With my right I pump my cock, ready to blow my load and her beautiful face.
A few swift strokes and I cum, 2 thick streamers shoot out, landing across her face from her forehead down to her chin. I dribble the last little bits onto her eyelashes and cheeks,
moaning as I do.

I look down at my handiwork. I reach a finger down to scoop up one of the streamers of my cum. I press my finger against her lips as she waits expectantly, her eyes still tightly
shut. “Here is some cum for you whore.” I say, taking the time to feed it all to her.

When she has eaten all of it I reach out and give her a quick, light slap on the face. “Thank you master for feeding me your cum, ” I intone. She quickly repeats it, a devilish smile on her face. I smile. “That’s a good girl, my perfect
little slut.”

I leave her kneeling there a moment as I stroke myself. I step behind her where she is kneeling. Then kneel down behind her. I press on her back to force her face against the carpet, positioning her ass and her delicious pink asshole for
my use. “Beg your master to fuck your tight ass, ” I adjure her. Lashing out with a quick slap on her ass cheek where my bite mark shown darkly.

“Please Master, fuck this whore’s tight ass, ” she says. I slap her on the bitemark on her other ass cheek, a stinging slap with a sharp report. I knurl her labia with the knuckles of my other hand. “I said BEG.” “This slut begs her master to fuck her tight ass, please.”

“That’s a good little slut, ” I say. Let’s hope your good and wet today. I reach two fingers into her cunt, letting them get good and wet from her juices. Then open up her ass, using her wetness to lube her ass up. I spit into her ass hole a few times. I take my erection and plunge it into her pussy, using her juices for some additional lubrication.

I crouch over her, aiming my cock at her now loosened asshole, such a pretty shade of pink. I press the head of my dick against her ass hole, which causes her to pucker in anticipation.
I then lower myself, penetrating her ass. She moans, her face pressed against the carpet. I start to drop into her, reaming her good. “Oh fuck that is a nice tight ass, you are a perfect little fuck slut, such a tight hole for my cock,
I think I love you, ” I rattle off absently, intent on my pleasure. She has her eyes closed now, moaning in her pleasure, grimacing a bit at the lack of lube.

I continue as she approaches orgasm, her breathing getting low and deep. “ooooooh, oooooh, yess, fuck me”, she starts to chant.. I intensify my thrusts, taking time to penetrate her ass as deep as possible at the end of my thrusts. I slap
her ass, pinch her cheeks while I am at, moaning my own enjoyment, “Oh yes’s” coming unbidden to my lips now. She climaxes, long “Ooooooohhhhhhhhhsss” marking her ecstasy, I continue to pump into her ass as it contracts around my dick. I shoot
my load in her ass, keep pumping her until her orgasm has passed.

I pull out and sit down on the couch a moment, rubbing my cock clean. “Squeeze your ass slut, I want to see my cum dripping out of you I say.” I lean back on the couch, my eyes watching
her ass as she causes my cum to drip out of her ass. “Catch it in your hand and eat it slut.” I command.

She does, letting it drip into her hand a few moments, then licking it from her palm like a greedy squirrel. Satisfied with her performance for the moment, I motion her over to the couch. I have her sit sideways facing me, forcing her
legs open so I can lap at her pussy, now wet from her orgasm.

After I have had my taste, I sit back a moment. “Now get my gear bag and bring it to me, it’s by the door. You deserve a flogging for not being creative and sincere enough in your begging, though you are a pretty good slut. After I
discipline you, you are gonna ride my cock, and we’ll see if you are more sincere.

“Crawl, bitch”, I bark, She whimpers a bit, and makes her way to the ruined door to retrieve my gear bag. I smile.


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