Surprise Fuck!!  

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3/30/2005 10:29 am

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Surprise Fuck!!

Hello all!! I hope everyone is enjoying reading about mine and D's experiences together! Well, here we go let me tell you about last nite! I had been chatting away in the chat room for awhile and finally decided to get off the computer and hop in the shower before D came home!

I started the water and the steam kinda turned me on.....I got in and as I lathered myself up I began to think about D and how much I wanted him to hurry home!! I began to wash my pussy and I was so horny my clit was sensitive to my bath cloth!! Damn, where is D? I rinse off and turn the water off, grabbed my towel and headed out of the bathroom!! "I could have sworn I had the light on the bedroom." I said to myself heading in that direction. As I reach to turn the light on all of a sudden, I hear..."leave it off." I would have been scared to death if I hadn't recognized D's voice!!!

He placed his hand over my mouth and said..."Not one word." HHHHMMMM he then grabbed my hands and tied them up....hardly able to keep up the act trying not to laugh...(he felt he looked silly). he then told me..."I am not going to gag you because you are gonna taste the dick." So here I am completely naked and my hands tied in total darkness.....I see this sexy shadow in front of me undressing and I see a lovely black dick standing out waiting for me to suck it. I lean my head forward to taste and he stops me...."Not til I say so." I see this devilish grin and damn he looked so fucking sexy!! He began to stroke his cock while talking oh so dirty to me telling that he knew I wanted his dick and how my pussy couldn't wait for him to put it in! He told me to open my mouth and he began to tease me by shoving it into my mouth letting me feast for awhile then taking it out to stroke it and talk dirty to me again!! We did this for quite awhile and my pussy was so hot and wet I could feel the juices seeping out of me!!
He shoved me back onto the bed, parted my wet pussy lips and began finger me and playing with my clit and I was begging him to fuck me!! He laughed and then placed his head between my legs and whew the dam fucking burst!! I came all over him and he said "Now you're ready for this dick." With that he shoved his big dick all the way into my pussy and I must say he gave me the most memorable orgasms I have ever had in my entire life!!!!!! We fucked in every possible position and he finished by cumming on my ass!!

Of course when he untied my hands I reached around and rubbed that cum all over my ass like it was lotion from Bath and Body!!!

Then I licked the rest from his dick, I have got to get my daily dose of cum, you know!

All for now!!!

Fuck well guys!!


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