On your shoulders  

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4/8/2005 3:35 pm

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On your shoulders

Your eyes aglow with pride,
Your arms open with acceptence,
A laugh ... a smile

You hold her close,
She calls your name,
A kiss..... a hug

Your twin,
a temper, mirror image,
A tear..... a hope

She loves you, more than I ever could.
She knows my place in your heart,
She dominates hers.

I share you with her,
a privelege, I admit.

Our child has a smile,
that melts hearts,

She is a blessing from
my womb to your sholders.

.....on your sholders she proudly shouts:
"Look at me."

From in my womb to her throne on your sholders.

@copyright LadyL2005

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